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    symbolic links and sharing directores


    I'm running my own dedicated server and would like to create a directory that all accounts could access. Here is an example:

    I've got set of pictures that will be shown on several different domains running on my box. Instead of uploading the same pictures to every single account I would like to set up a symbolic link to a directory called "pictures" so each account could just link to it i.e.,, etc... .

    I've done some reading on how to do it but I'm a little confused as to the logistics.

    1. I would like to be able to connect to the directory via FTP so where should I make this "shared" directory in my filesystem so I can FTP into it with out logging in as Root. Can I just create it in one of the existing accounts and create symbolic links to it?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    why not. i an not see any problem here.
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    ls -la /home
    drwx------ 18 pic pic 4096 Jul 31 15:02 pic
    drwx------ 18 user1 user1 4096 Jul 31 15:02 user1
    drwx------ 46 user2 user2 4096 Aug 3 22:09 user2
    drwx------ 40 user3 user3 20480 Aug 4 10:16 user3

    As you can see other users will not have read permissions to home of picture user.
    I recommend you next steps:
    1) create user pic with initial group pic
    useradd --d /home/pic -g pic pic

    2) add group-read permissions for /home/pic
    chmod g+x /home/pic
    chmod -R g+r /home/pic

    3) add other users whom need access to pic home dir to group pic
    edit /etc/group:

    Now user1, user3, userN have read access to homedir of user pic and can read his files

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