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    IIS Vanished please help


    Today we installed windws xp 2003 sp1 & security configuration wizard but after that i was shocked to find that IIS is not there on the machine it is gone...we don't understand what happened. did any body faced such a problem?

    We are running helm and have about 700 sites hosted on the server. What may have happened? please help us to restore iis how can we do that?

    Thanks in advance

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    What do you mean disappeared? Is the service not running or have you checked that the IIS installs are missing, etc.
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    in your windows security configuration wizard - you need to add application role as web server, otherwise it removes IIS

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    Yes, Iis installation was missing after adding scw i don't under stand what happened. It was shocking

    Then regarding the configuration we did not run the tool on istallation itself this happened.


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    When you go to Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs -> Windows Component, is the Application Server and its components "ticked"?

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    Yes that (application server) was already ticked by default.

    i only checked the scw and clicked next. It should remove application server only if we uncheck application server right?

    i am sure that i have not done that.


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