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    Rackforce is way bad... Need new host

    Hey guys,

    We have been with rackforce for three months now and I have to tell you it is the worst experience ever in the last 30 days. There are about 30 people screaming an shouting on the rackforce boards so then they delete the entire thread. They are bad and I would twll anyone who listens to stay away. All you have to do is ping to see how bad things are and have been for at least six weeks.

    Anyway, I need a new host. I'm looking for Fedora Core 3 with dual P4's 2.8+ and 2 x 80 + 1gig+. Anyone have any suggestions? A company that you have been with a while who is accessible when you need something? Any help would be appreciated!

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    I would suggest

    I've had servers with them for over a year and couldn't be happier. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    Try the Dedicated Offers Forums, I'd recommend Burstnet or Beachcomber, good luck
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    I'll throw in another recommendation for liquidweb.
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    Another recommendation for LiquidWeb; I've had them for over a year once, and couldn't be happier.

    I'm using InterServer right now, and it looks really good so far.

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    one vote for ev1 or gnax...

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    Another vote for LiquidWeb
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    LT if you can do un-managed

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    I've had a good experience with them over a year ago

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    This was recently posted at RackForce Forum:

    I have decided to make a quick announcement about the problems that occurred in July and what our steps will be going forward.

    July 2005 was not the best month our network has ever had and we are big enough to admit that. We've had a series of problems with a failed UPS and an unusually high number of inbound DOS attacks. The precise problems with the UPS are a little lengthy to get into in any kind of detail, but the basics are that a battery inside the UPS failed causing breakers to trip - thus affecting service to a number of clients. We worked with solutions until the only possible outcome was to move all our customers and their servers off the failing UPS (we didn't know it was a total failure at the time). The second problem was DOS attacks. As I had previously posted in these forums, DOS attacks are unpredictable, increasingly complex, and normally filtered out to one degree or another. The Fortigate 3600 that we have defending the network filters approximately 500 small DOS attacks per day. Due to the complexity of the attacks and the ostensibly benign nature of some attacks the Fortigate cannot filter all of them and therefore some do sneak through to the core of the network and onto aggregation links.

    Of course, standard day to day issues didn't subside while inbound DOS attacks and failing UPS units were upon us. These kinds of problems really test the metal of the support techs and network engineers of any facility such as ours. Despite a few instances of less-than-stellar responsiveness, and unseen to our customers, our staff really stepped up to the plate when our customers were experiencing these problems. Without the diligent efforts from all of our staff these situations would have been infinitely worse for all involved. On behalf of everybody at RackForce, if you were affected by any of these occurrences we sincerely appreciate your patience.

    So, what have we learned and what are we doing going forward to make sure this doesn't happen again? I'm glad you asked. We're working with our UPS provider (Always On) to find a suitable solution to our immediate problem. There are three possibilities right now and we're doing a cost/benefit analysis to determine which result is going to provide RackForce and our customers with the best overall coverage without adding the need to crank up prices.

    With our third datacenter nearly complete (raised floors are almost done, then we have some electrical and HVAC work to be completed) we are looking at approximately 50% more floor capacity. This means that we're going to have the need for more network bandwidth and more DOS protection. To that end we're examining a number of possibilities relating to updating our border networking gear. While the equipment we have is sufficient for the time being, we will need border routers with more flexibility to ensure that we can provide better automated DOS detection and protection. Also possibly included in this upgrade will be more DOS protection gear. We're evaluating products from a number of vendors including Fortinet and Riverhead.

    Anyway, this should provide you with information about what happened and where we're going. I can't provide you with concrete things like, "we're buying hardware so and so on such a date" because those decisions haven't been made yet. Clearly there is a marketing benefit to announcing major new hardware acquisitions so when those decisions get made (and it will be sooner rather than later) then you will be hearing about them via a customer newsletter type of communication.

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Liquidweb does looks very interesting and with the recommendations you guys have given, I think I'll try there.

    I see that response from Rackforce but all I can say is that as of this morning, the network problems still exist. I can put up with problems like that but when they actually delete threads from the forum because they don't like the content, well that just burns me.

    Anyway, thanks again for all of the advice and suggestions. It is much appreciated.

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    Are you looking for help from your propsective "new host" to assist you with moving your sites? And would you be willing to specify your budget?

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    We have the move covered no problem. I am looking for a solution < $200 pm.

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    We recently dropped rackforce due to access issues - not related to the issues mentioned above. Beware of their cancellation policy. You must give 30 days notice, and if it spans over a two month period, they bill you for both months. I won't even consider a host provider that doesn't offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and/or requires a notice period for cancellation. We are considering liquidweb and powervps now.. both offer this guarantee. I have not found any negative comments on either.

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