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    a Dummy help pls


    Somebody help me i'm a newbi and dumbo...

    check this site

    wat exactly # does here...

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    If you look at the source html you can see that instead of links they put in the "#" sign. Kind of like a "placeholder" for an actual link. It doesn't really mean anything...

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    # signifies an anchor on a page.

    By itself ( ) it doesn't do anything, but if you put the name of an anchor after it, it will take you that location on the apge.

    For example, if you have a link such as:

    <a name="hello">hello</a>

    and later you want to 'jump' to this section of your page, you can create a link such as <a href="#hello">Jump to hello</a>.
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    Thanks guy i really appriciate your helps..

    Take care

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