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    * What's a shared hosting plan capable of?

    I'm developing a PHP web site and just wondering what a shared hosting plan will allow me to do. Is possible to develop a full featue web site under this kind of hosting? Or what's the limitation of that?


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    It's definitely possible to develop a full website with a shared hosting plan, you're only limited to the storage and bandwidth provided to you in the package as well as being hosted in a shared enviornment with other websites. Its best to find a host with many features on their shared hosting packages. Good luck.
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    That is definitely possible. Most hosts should be able to handle that. However it does somewhat depend upon your requirements.

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    Thanks for all your helpful replys.

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    The only thing you might want to check is the versions of PHP and the modules available if you are developing a php site.
    If you are going to get really advanced you might need a VPS to be able to install some of the more obscure php modules although most shared hosts have all the commonly used ones installed.
    It just depends on your level of php requirements and what you consider "full-featured".
    There are a very few php modules which can cause a host problems if installed "server-wide" because on shared those modules would be accessible by everyone on the server. However those are the more seldom used so unless you are doing something very unique most hosts will handle it with no problem.
    Even if your host is not yet running the latest MySql and PHP go ahead and look towards developing your site with 5x etc. compatibility in mind because the day is fast approaching when that will be standard.
    Most hosts still offer 4x or both but as with anything else change is inevitable as new technology keeps coming.
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