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    [WELL PAID] Application Development

    This is a well paid application development position that most likely will become available October-November this year.

    Individuals and companies can both apply. You have to be in Montreal or Montreal area. If you know anyone in the area you can recommend/refer, this would be highly appreciated.

    We are looking for talented and enthusiastic developers with or without experience to involve themselves in creating a P2P VoIP application full-time. Please forward your resume or let us know about your development company by email: artashes (at)

    This opportunity includes the in-house development of a Voice over IP peer-to-peer client.

    Primary functions: client architecture and functionality, interface and P2P development. We already have the voice engine.

    I am NOT the most technical person (nor I am responsible for technical side of business), but I was advised to look for people with any or all of the following skills.

    Previous experience with similar projects is a major advantage.

    Basic requirements and skills:

    * Experience developing distributed or parallel applications in a corporate environment, using C++/Visual C++
    * A solid understand of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    * Fundamental knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol, socket programming, the Unicode standard, and object-oriented design
    * Previous digital signal processing (DSP) experience a big plus
    * Previous VoIP experience a big plus
    * Working experience with CG6000, ISDN, Cisco, IVR/Radius is a big plus
    * Development experience on one or more of the following platforms: Windows (98/ME/2K/XP, CE 3.0/4.2), a Unix-like operating system (BSD, Solaris, GNU/Linux, Linux Embedded)
    * Previous experience working with a design team to construct, implement and modify large-scale applications, using a version control system
    * Good knowledge of SQL/MySQL, Perl
    * Excellent written and verbal skills
    * Knowledge of encryption and secure communications procedures is vital
    * Knowledge of firewall and NAT traversal a must
    * Understanding of peer-to-peer networks a must
    * Degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science a must

    Windows related skills:

    * Visual C++ a definite must; eMbedded Visual C++ helpful
    * Previous experience developing DLLs and client-server TCP/IP communication programs
    * Development using Microsoft TAPI 3.0 a big plus
    * Experience with the BitKeeper or Perforce version control systems

    Linux/Unix related skills:

    * Development using GCC 3.0+, CVS, GTK, QT
    * Socket programming using C/C++ and TCP/IP
    * Previous package maintenance experience helpful
    * Glade experience a big plus

    This would most likely be a full-time position with potential of stock option. If you are a company, we can further discuss the opportunity and the accomodation of each party.

    The contact information is provided above.

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    He asked to be emailed praf, and I suggest you read it closer, as it says you a required to be in or near Montreal. Also, you have somewhat a shady past, Artashes, I suggest you do some digging on everyone that applies, to make sure your dont hire someone who leaves a day after the job gets started...

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    NetFlip, I highly appreciate your tip.

    I would repeat myself - do not contact me for long-distance job opportunities. This job would require you to be in the office full time or at least in the same city, which is Montreal.

    Also, "please hire me" requests, not only unprofessionals, but will get deleted without responce. We require associated with the job skills and a resume for position consideration (not required for software development companies), unless you have a very serious and impressive portfolio.

    Thank you.
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