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    Nagios Installation


    We would like to add nagios as server monitoring to our servers and I don't have enough staff and time to install this right now.

    I was able to install this before but not configured due to lack of free time and someone ride in to re-install and re-configure but after the installation there seems to be a problem that nagios find all server down......

    I think if it just needs re-configuration or tweaking... or if you like re-install from scratch but I need this to be done asap. I will pay What I see here as standard rate for this - $30 via Paypal.


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    I can help you install this.
    Please contact me via pm.

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    Hi Charles,
    I am able to complete the job for you. I am able to start this very instant.
    Please contact me on msn or email: cartoonwally [ at ]

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