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    Which webhosting site to chose?


    I want to rent a domain ( for example "") and I want to resell the subdomains. I already have many customers, so it's not problem. The prospective traffic is about 50-75GB/month.
    1,5GB webspace is enough. I need php/mysql, ftp connection. The most important thing is speed and reliablity.

    I am looking for suggestions (the person's suggestions who have experience in it) about which webhosting firm or site to choose?

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    It would help others if you can tell us what your budget range is and welcome to WHT. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    The budget range is between 5$ and 20 $ /month.

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    Hello gubak and welcome to WHT.

    Your type of question is rather common, and threads like this usually yield a rather limited number of hosts. That's not a bad thing though.

    You can take the hosts that will be mentioned here and by reading more threads in this section of the forums (and pay attention to the mentioned/recommended hosts), visiting the advertising forum, using hosting directories with good search options and sites like you can increase the number of hosts that (at least on paper) offer what you need. I would suggest you get some 20-30 hosts on your list.

    Then you need to start the process of eliminating hosts that don't deserve your trust. After all, a company can offer the sun for peanuts, but that doesn't mean they'll actually deliver it.

    In other words, you need to research and test each host.

    This forum's search feature is known to be a very good tool for finding feedback on hosts . Some like to use Google as well.

    Read threads carefully and judge for yourself. Your goal should be to remains with some 10 companies on your list after this stage. Then devise a list of presales questions to ask each host. Their actual answers (form and actual content) and timing should helps you differentiate a bit between them. Try to create a bit of a discusison between you and the host in order to see how fast you find the common ground.

    If possible, try to test their support as well (not the sales department).

    The target would be to remain with some 3-5 hosts after this stage. Choosing between these last hosts can be a tough thing. Trust your heart. You might want to reread the reviews about these last few companies and test them again before choosing "the one".

    Even if you have a struck of bad luck and the host you choose is not as good as you thought it to be, you'll still have the other hosts on your list to go back to.

    Good luck!

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    * Gazzin is growing as a good reseller

    I am using reseller hosting program of them and they seems to be reliable up to today. They are services and support is really fast. But they have to improve their web site a little bit. Especially, their knowledge base. Their price seems to be affordable

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    I would go with, great hosting site.

    uptime,support,and prices are great.

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