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    NMS features Comparison


    Can anyone give me the network monitoring tools (top 5 NMS) comparison with all the features. Google search on NMS comparison doesn't provide much results.

    The purpose is evaluating the server monitoring tool. i.e) find out wich monitoring tool is the best for an organisation, based on these features/functionality, we will decide which one to use. so, comparing all the features with NMS should give an idea .

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    what you need to monitor? this is very depend. for which OS? network traffic, user activity, etc.?
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    So you want us to do all the testing and evaluation for you and write you an article on the top 5 nms? I doubt anyone here is going to take the time to give you a top 5 based on research as it relates to YOUR needs.

    However, I will share what we use. We use

    Nagios and Cacti as major open source components of our monitoring system.
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