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    refunded dedicated servers


    I have seen on some webpages, that the hosts offer refund on their ded servers, often minus the setup fee.

    I just wondered.. when a customer get this refund, the host are stuck with a.. probably in many cases a useless server to them, maybe wrong OS or whatever, isnt there any places or hosts that offer such 'useless' servers for the rest of the month out for a cheap price? or theyre just there taking up rackspace? what you use servers for if this happends? Couldnt someone start a page where hosts could 'sell' their servers to, which again resold this server for the rest of the month very cheap to other customers again?

    Just wondering..

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    It's not too difficult to rebuilt a server with a new OS and there will always be people looking for servers throughout the month, there's no need to wait till the next month before you can give it to someone else.

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    Probably not, try looking in the ad section maybe someone is getting rid of their server for the rest of their month.

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    When someone cancels they can just reformat and reinstall O/S for the next customer takes 20minutes

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