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    Domain Portfolio – Free domain management script!!

    Domain Portfolio – Free domain management script!!


    Domain Portfolio is a tool to make domain name selling easy, whether you have 5 domains or 5000 domains! The tool allows you to manage a database of domain names, divide your domain names into categories, allow users to search through your names and ask questions/make offers.

    But it goes further than that. As the site owner you have complete control from an extensive set of administration tools, including mass domain management, data export and smart layout editor. Domain Portfolio has it all, and best of all, it wont cost you anything!

    About Domain Portfolio

    When we say you get complete control, we mean it! The original plan was to have the standard 'add, edit and delete categories and domains', but then we thought that maybe people would like a bit more control over their selling campaign...

    You will see from the key features list at the right, we really went overboard with making sure you have every tool you could ever need when managing and selling your domain names! So why not give it a go? The program is free!

    Built into Domain Portfolio is support for changing almost every aspect of the system. This is not limited to things like 'yes show domains' or 'no, dont show domains', but instead features a Smart Layout Editor, which you can use to change the entire layout of the site within a few clicks!

    Key Features
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Integrated Search
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Template Driven
    • Smart Layout Editor
    • Sales Management
    • Support System
    • Domain Management
    • Data Export Wizard
    • *Forum BBCODE Output
    • Domain Hit Counters
    • Email Notification
    • Highly Configurable
    • Easy to Use Controls
    • Efficiently Coded in PHP
    • Its Free!

    * This is most useful when selling domains on forums.

    For more information, click here.
    View our online demo, click here.
    And best of all, its totally free!

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    good job. looks great. ;-)
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    Anything that says 'FREE' cant be that bad
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    Looks great...thanks.

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    Nice looking script. Looks very clean..Nice of you to share.

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    really nice, fast and clean design

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    nice script

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