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    Host Problems - Need advice


    I have been with x host for a couple of months now, this were after I moved from a cheaper host which offered me 5gb/25gb for $5 a month, although it were really cheap I were happy with these for 2 months, after those 2 months they whent outta business, and even refunded my few dollars.

    Since I now opened this page which I sell products from, I wanted to make sure that it wouldnt have any downtimes etc so I now pay $30 for about the same amount of space/bandwith in the hope that it will now be much better.

    At the moment I signed up with them their support was always online.. like all of the time I saw them atleast.

    But after a couple of weeks things started getting messed, first this downtime for about 6 hours, I asked my host about this and he promised this would NEVER happend again.

    Only a few days later this happend again, and this werent last time. I am very rarely in my WHM/cPanel so I dont notice changes there very easily. Suddenly my Fantastico which I included in my hosting packages had been taken away... And this on a friday (my host dont provide support in weekends) so typically.. I had complains and refund requests because of this small matter. My host sayd sorry again and it would never happen again.

    I also had my space and bandwith 'accidently' lowered by half, both of them, so many of my clients webpages became unavailable for about 24 hours, this is still a problem and every time I ask about this they dont really answer, just ask other questions.

    I also sell a script of this page.
    I met this guy I bought the hosting from in WHT irc, (though that would be a good place to look) and he sounded very friendly, so I though id go with them. He also promised me 99% uptime. I also showed him my current page with my script so he knew what I was going to host with them. This was all ok for them.

    On wednesday last week, I got a mail from my host, that ALL my domains (AND my clients domains) had been taken down because of a security threat from my page.. and he noted me about this downtime several hours after he took them down. Now they sayd that people run malicious code from my hosting account.. and he wanted to be 'kind' and let me do backup while it was down.. this might have been a lie or he didnt know.. as I dont allow any uploads on my page so people can not execute scripts.. I also have a page dedicated to some old game, with a few downloads and a forum up. This was also suspicious they said..
    I noticed this on friday.. and since they dont provide support in weekends all my users pages was down over weekend.. and also my mainpage which I sell off... this was probably not a coincident right before weekend..

    I explained everything, how my page was, noone could execute exploits etc. on it, and I convinced him to put my pages back.. I didnt get an explenation, but he sayd he would put all my pages back asap as I requested.

    My gaming page which really doesnt matter to me, this got up within a few hours, after 2 more complaints. When it first wasnt working he sayd the dns needs to resolve.. and I was willing to wait 24 hours or so, and it came up very soon.

    About my main page, I last recieved note on Saturday by private from them saying that they also took my mainpage back, and I should wait for dns to resolve.

    Now I noticed that my main page was redirected to his personal page, with his personal blog with personal stuff....
    Very nice for all my customers that came on my page every day.. to read about my hosts ex girlfriends and their relationships....

    O'well, I thought I'd wait a little more then, since the DNS actually could require a little more than 24 hours.. This is now 3 days ago.. I have pinged my page from Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, London and Oslo.. my page didnt respond to ping from any of them.. - 3 days later.

    I have also had open a support ticket which I got answers too.. but about my mainpage my ticket has been unanswered now for 3 days!

    My hosts account here at WHT has been banned, but I know they are still around here since they responded in their priv. forums to a post made here with an other angry client for some other issue.

    The live-support script on their page also dont work.. this auto exits when I try use it..

    I got no idea what to do.. about 100+ users visited my page every day.. so this probably makes me lose some visitors interest which wont come back....

    I got no idea what to do.. I dont have any backups either...

    I got an other host as a emergency solution but I dont have the most recent backup for my page....

    And yes, I would switch host if I could, only i payed for 1 year hosting with them, after the 1 month I was so happy with them so I bought for a year.. after that month everything has been going down for me and I regret so much I payed them for a year :\ They have 30 day mbg but thats way outdated now. So I got really no way to get refund and they probably wouldnt give me.

    So.. I keep losing visitors every day as my host have my page down for now soon 4 days while my 'dns needs to resolve' (4th day, still not pinging from US or Europe)

    I got no recent backup.. my host wont respond to my last ticket which has been open for few days.. what can I do? this starting to get urgent.. I used to sell products daily, or ataleast every other day.. now losing cash too because of this.. and no backup or other solutions I can think of what to do..

    All help/advices greatly apprecciated.. thanks in advance !

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    Sorry, should have shortened it down a bit, see now that its pretty much text.

    I'm not looking for a host right now, I'm having problems with my current which dont respond to me.

    They have my business page hosted, which have been down for 4 days now, even though they promised it would be up - 4 days ago. They dont answer my tickets etc. And I need it up atleast to take a backup of it..
    Thanks for reply though.

    Need advices on this, thanks ya'll

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    It's unfortunate about your experience. But a few quick points (I rarely have much time for more than that nowadays:

    - There was an issue with Cpanel update that removed the Fantastico link. It's fixable and you should probably open a support ticket and ask them to fix it. It's a simple 1 line fix.

    - A script doesn't have to allow uploads to be exploitable. There are many exploits available that makes use of script injections etc to execute commands. This can be a forum (example phpbb) or any PHP scripts for that matter if it is badly coded.

    - The issue with your page pointing to his blog probably have to do with him pointing your page at the wrong IP. So the first site on that IP shows up as Apache isn't setup to work with your virtual site on that particular IP. This should be fixable easily and instantly if he wants

    Can you login to your cPanel or your FTP etc? If your login still works, you can grab a backup even if your site don't seem to be resolving correctly.

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    Hey, thanks for nice reply

    Ok cPanel updates are nice, thats just cool if thats the reason.

    But I have newest vBulletin and license for it so my forum should be safe I think.. and my script are also clean for security holes, I asked them where/how this exploits would be done but they didnt answer (yet?) so I dont know so much about this yet.

    The thing about redirecting to his blog werent too bad, but I really dont like my customers to see my page down, then to a blog they probably though was mine about my personal life etc.. thats not good :\

    I tried login using the IP with both cPanel/FTP but it seems down, my ticket has been open, unanswered for few days even though its supposed to be 24/7 support..

    O'well, I'll give it some more time before I lookup info and call them then.

    Thanks for informative reply dude

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    Originally posted by UrlGuy
    O'well, I'll give it some more time before I lookup info and call them then.
    Why not look up the info and call them now? Seems like you've given them enough time as it is. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
    Reliable web site hosting is our motto. We have Alertra stats to back that up.
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    "I have been with x host for a couple of months now, this were after I moved from a cheaper host which offered me 5gb/25gb for $5 a month, although it were really cheap I were happy with these for 2 months, after those 2 months they whent outta business, and even refunded my few dollars."

    This reminds me of a recent thread -- are consumers being too cheap and getting what they paid for? And are providers being too cheap and not including all of the costs it takes to run a business when calculating sale prices.

    I'm sorry to hear about your trouble; but you may want to look for providers who have been in business five or more years and charge reasonable prices.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    As we didn't not the host here, but if your cpanel password working you must take a backup first and after that place a support ticket to host to resolve the problem or call now

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    Hi there UrlGuy,

    You know, it happened to us. I got up one morning, and
    one of our servers was offline. Not because it crashed, but
    because our data center had unplugged it. We got in touch
    with them right away. And you know what? It took about
    half a day for them to put our server back online.

    All this because one of our client's site was being used to
    install DOS scripts on our server. We got into our client's
    account and patched it up so that the exploit would no
    longer work.

    In these cases it's not just your hosting company that
    is being harmful to your business, it's also the other
    way around.


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