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    Plesk Windows: Adding ODBC Connection to .mdb file

    I have an issue on Windows 2003 Standard Edition with Plesk 7.

    I am trying to add an odbc connection for a clients domain. The client has the database located at

    When i create an ODBC connection and in the -

    [DBQ] * DB File Path Field

    I give it the following path -


    It gives me this error.

    I have also tried /httpdocs/fpdb/database.mdb and just database.mdb (placed it in the /httpdocs directory for that).

    How can i go about fixing this issue ? What would be the correct path ?

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    You need to give the full path to the .mdb file on disk,


    *not* the URL to the database.

    Database files should also be stored outside the web-accessible area (sorry don't know how Plesk organises this).
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