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  1. Thumbs up NEW DESIGN - Please Review

    First, I want to apologize for posting two reviews within one month. We have changed our layour once again. we were not satisfied with our old design. so i decided it to do one by myself. This is our final design. Please take a look at it at also you can take a look at our new banner designs at

    Please Review:

    Thank You
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    Too much white space IMO, and seems you like patriotic colors.

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    Like the old design more...

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    Originally posted by Mark L
    Too much white space IMO.

    I would say, get that thing off you site - now! It just doesn't do anything for me!
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  5. Originally posted by affordahost

    I would say, get that thing off you site - now! It just doesn't do anything for me!

    You mean the white space.

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    Not a bad site. Could use some improvements on the coloring maybe. Overall the site is professional and has a nice feel to it.

    Jason F.

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    The website looks nice. I like how your site is easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. (granted I am not one for banners) I like the nice background and the effect it gives.
    The only problem I have is too much solid color. I maybe would change the solid red headers to a more of a gradient of different reds fading into a lighter one. But dont make the reds too far off from eachother or it begins to look bad.


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    Personally, I REALLY dont like it. The brown square background is...awful. The blue and red doesnt look good, and the gaps between white blocks looks unpolished. I say ditch it and start again....or...gulp, get a pro to do it. But arent you pros at designing?

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