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    Be our official image hosting site


    I am looking for an image hosting site looking to advertise and be our official image uploader.

    Site: Pb

    Campaign: Your website will be placed at the header of the site. The site is set up as a portal to the forums. The home page holds the same header as the forums, as well as all portal pages. This means your link will be shown at the header of the website, where the current link titled 'Image Uploader', on every page within the forum and portal. Unlimited impressions.

    Stats: 5,000 - 6,000 unique visitors per day. PR3

    Our last sponsored image uploader went over their monthly bandwidth limit, so I'm looking for a new one. I would prefer companies interested in a long term (3+ months) campaign only.

    Price: $20 / month via reoccuring paypal payment every 30 days.

    Thanks for your time. Contact me through this thread or via Private Message.

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    Sold if the above poster doesn't work out.

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    Thanks for the quick replies. I didn't know i would get multiple offers.

    If anyone can offer $25 / month, it's their's right now. If not, I will contact the winner tomorrow evening.


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    i'm interested if you can show me your traffic stats.

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    You seem to already have the opportunity for your visitors to upload pictures with your gallery:

    How much action will an image hosting provider get exactly? And why are you looking for one when you offer such opportunity?

    I am interested to first try it for 1 month provided:

    - answer to above question
    - traffic stats screenshot

    $25 is fine

    Thank you.
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    Is your company represented?

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    Users do not have access to gallery uploading.

    I have contacted almost everybody.

    This offer is still available.

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    isn't this already available for users,

    i'm still interested but i'd like to see proof of stats.

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