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    Webmaster & Gaming Sitewide Textlinks - $4/month

    Hey there,

    I have several deals available.
    - PR3, 2s, 1s
    - 470 visitors a day (screenshot:
    - Webmaster related
    - $4/month sitewide
    - PR3 (thousands of pages: 3500 pages in google )
    - 102 visitors a day (screenshot:
    - $4/month sitewide
    - Pr3
    - 160 visitors a day (screenshot:
    - Gaming related
    - $4/month

    Please PM me to order! I will get your link up very quickly.


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    Could we have stats for last month too incase those two days you've just been lucky and had more hits than usual?

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    I have one question. When you check traffic at Alexa for it shows nothing. So where are you getting these stats from?


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    To be honest, Alexa is very innacurate and shouldn't be taken seriously when judging a website's traffic. Design-Core is not new, but it is also recently popular so I wouldn't expect Alexa to have picked it up.

    These statistics are the statistics taken from AWStats, a very reliable program which I have installed on the server.


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    Note, links are still available on all websites, but Design-Core is filling up. will be available for $4/month also! (over 3,500 pages).

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