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    Request: Professional Web Designer


    I am in urgent need of a professional web designer which can design a highly professional website layout to the following specifications:

    HOMEPAGE -- I would like the design to be lightly colored with a central blue theme. Pastel accent colors should be used throughout the layout. I do not want a single-colored design! Please refer to I will require three sections of approxamitely the same size. Mine will highlight our shared hosting, reseller solutions, and managed server solutions. An example of how I already have this setup is available on However, I would like the boxes to be made of about the same size as those on the LEHost website, also with a "Learn More" button at the bottom. The main page should possess a sidebar on the RIGHT side. Sections will include Billing Login (1st section), testimonials, company news, and current special. Below the three central boxes should be a heading entitled "Welcome to Warp-Factor Technologies." This heading should have a line underneath it, so as to emphasize that it is indeed a heading. Below this will be the company overview/introduction text. Below this will be another heading (of smaller size) entitled "Server Status." Also under this heading will be a line, which extends from the start of the text to the width of the layout. Below this will also be text. One other section, entitled "Community Topics" will follow the specifications of the previous. Below this, on the homepage, will be an image with the logos of our partners. Please include the cPanel, RedHat, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard. Please refer to the bottom of for an example on how I'd like them to appear. Back to the sidebar on the homepage -- please also add at the very bottom of the sidebar (below the sections) a seal which says 99% uptime guarantee, one which says 14 day money back guarantee, and one which says 24 hour response guarantee. The word "Guarantee" should appear below each of the logos, with the actual guarantee name inside the seal. Please also add a "live chat" button above the top of the sidebar. As for the top section of the design, header, navigation, et cetera, refer to I would like the logo placed above the actual layout design. Our slogan is "Quality webhosting at the speed of light." To the right, please add our 800 number in this form: 1.800.718.WARP in large font with 1.800.718.9277 below that in smaller font. Below this, include the following links: Home, Community, and Support Portal. Below this, do a layout-wide section. This will be the actual "header." Do some sort of design within this section with a server. I can provide a 3-D server to include in it, though I would like to have a real server in it. The server should appear on the right side of the banner. On the left I would like to see a young woman of some sort. Dressed semi-professionally. I would like a "pretty" woman -- hoping it might do something for sales. Hehe. Built into this will be the navigation, as shown on I would like the header section on my layout to be LARGER than that of, please! The links which should be included here can be found on the navigation. All should remain intact, minus "Contact." Bottom bar on the page will include a copyright notice, link to our TOS, and your company name as the designer (should you desire it to be there.)

    SUBPAGE. Everything as noted above, minus the sidebar (must go completely). Content area should be blank. I will have you design section images for the various sections on the website, ex: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, About Us, Managed Server Solutions, etc.

    I've already had one designer back out due to lack of time on this project. I urgently need someone to pick this project up for me. Budget for this particular project is low, as I find the overall concept to be simple, and something that can be completed in a few hours time. Designers should reply to this post with examples of previous work (examples of web hosting layouts ONLY -- don't show me gaming, clan, cooking, or whatever websites -- hosting layouts ONLY, please!). Payment will be sent via PayPal upon completion of the project. Thank You.
    John Morris
    Warp-Factor Technologies - Shared, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Hosting
    E-Mail: john[AT] AIM: iiwebwizardii

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    Hello John,

    You can view our portfolio at we are a well known design firm specilizing in the development and consulting of ISP/WebHosting companies.

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    I suggest you talk with Adel Zakout ( He is a professional designer.
    PierreB - Montreal

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    Thanks for the refferal Pierre, we already spoke but the job seems to be gone - he found a template to buy. Thanks!!!

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