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    3 Months Free Of Hosting- WHT Members Only

    B]We dont oversell thats our promise backed by 30 day money back gurantee and free hosting for life[/B]. We provide 24/7 Support by 6 methods which includes a 1-800 number- 1-800-790-5630. 99.999% uptime guranteed.

    -Get 3 months free of hosting with any of our plans:
    Our Packages are

    - SoloXr Plan
    - 500 mb of space
    - 15 gigs of badwith
    - $3.99 a Month

    - Pro Plan
    - 1 gb of space
    - 30 gigs of badwith
    - $5.99 a Month

    - ePro Plan
    - 2 gigs of space
    - 45 gigs of badwith
    - $7.99 a Month

    - Your Way Plan
    - Pick your space
    - Pick your bandwith
    - Tell us a reasonable rate and the the package is yours

    Get 3 months of free webhosting with any one of our plans just enter in our coupon promotion code on the order wizard(form). Just enter the following codes for any of our packages. Like if you wanted the soloxr plan enter- free soloxr, for the pro plan- free pro, and for the epro plan enter- free epro.

    Free domian transfer
    Limit of 2 pacakges for 6 people
    Limit of 2 packages for each package

    You may leave after the 3 months are over and we will transfer your domain for free to any other company; or you could stay and countinue your service by paying the regular monthly price.

    You may order your free 3 months by visitng our site at - and ordering by pushing the order now button on any pacakge you would like.


    All Packages come with:

    -Application Pack w/ Mambo CMS
    The Plesk Application Pack is a completely customizable repository of Site Applications.The Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Application Pack comes standard with a extended group of applications including a Mambo CMS tool for creating and deploying dynamic web content. Currently included with this add-on is post-Nuke (CMS), osCommerce Ecommerce software, phpBB (bulletin board), gallery (picture gallery), phpBook (guestbook), bbClone (counter), gtChat (chat engine), AdvancedPoll (Poll system), AutoIndex (File statistics and file manager), b2evolution (Blog), Coppermine (Photo gallery), CSLH (Customer support), DocFAQ (FAQ system), openbiblio (Library ), Owl (Knowledge base), phpAds (Banner system), phpBugTracker (PHP clone of Bugzilla), phpDig (Search engine), phpMoney (Account management), phpMyFamily (Genealogic tree), phpsurveyor (Surveys creation tool), phpWiki (Documentation management), pLog (Blog), Tellme (Network tools (whois, traceroute etc.)), TUTOS (Work process organization), typo (CMS), UebiMiau (Webmail), WebCalendar (Calendar), WebShopmanager (Online store creator), WordPress (Publishing platform (blog)), xrms (CRM).

    -SpamAssassin Anti-SPAM Software
    Plesk 7.5 Reloaded includes an option to install the "SpamAssassin" Anti-Spam Software in the base installation with a built-in configuration interface for SPAM rules server wide or on a per mailbox basis.

    -Multi-Level Help Desk
    The new Plesk 7.5 Reloaded interface includes a Multi-Level Help Desk. This system is designed to communicate, track, monitor and manage support issues for you at every level of the system. This will provide you with imediate and on demand support 24/7.

    -Tomcat Support
    Tomcat is the Servlet container that provides the environment for executing Java Servlets. The Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Tomcat add-on supports deploying and managing Tomcat web applications allowing users to set up hosting with JSP support.

    -ColdFusion Support
    Using this add-on module, Admins can configure ColdFusion paths and enable/disable ColdFusion support in the Hosting setup.

    -PostgreSQL™ and PhpPGMyAdmin™ Support
    With one of the world's most advanced relational database management systems, Plesk 7.5 Reloaded enables users to deploy and manage PostgreSQL databases right from the user interface with a few clicks. When you purchase the Plesk PostgreSQL add-on, it includes the web-based database administration software PhpPGMyAdmin giving users remote access to their PostgreSQL databases.

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    Do you have some independent third party report to support your claim of 99.999 % uptime statistics?

    Also, what do you mean by "almost" in: 'So we have decided to provide you with almost 24/7 support.' (this is quote from your website).

    Thank you.
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    Wink question response


    Our 99.999 percent gurantee is based by our system statistics which is provided in our plesk control panels. We will be planning on setting up a script which shows uptime.

    We provide full 24/7 suppprt but before that we were offering close to 24/7 support. That part will be changed.

    Sorry about the trouble and thanks for the question.

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