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    * Anyone recommend hosting for a small/medium sized site?

    Wotcher, folks!

    I'm looking to move my site from it's current hosting because of some issues with the service and I was wondering if you kind folks could assist me in locating a new hosting provider.

    I'd need about 250mb-1g of space and about 1-5gb of bandwidth. I'd also like cPanel, phpMyAdmin, webmail and mail forwarding to a domain stuff (cPanel should do that I -think- ) and FTP access. Couple of subdomains wouldn't hurt too. Anything above that's a bonus, but I already have a domain name. Unix/linux hosting preferred.

    If you can find it, it's gotta be pretty cheap. ($7.00/mo is way too much, cheaper the better! Yes, I'm a ruddy cheapskate, but I'm not asking for a lot! )


    Edit- whoa darn, sorry about that, folks. I should've read the sticky. This'll be deleted in a sec.
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    What kind of troubles are you having with your current host?

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    Various admin tools slowly became unusably slow, and I was unable to update the site. No big deal about that, it's hosted currently by a friend (where I want to move it from) and I was warned that this would happen eventually. It's hosted there because he'd saved me from an even -worse- host, Web-Mania, which completely decimated an earlier version of my site due to some sort of server failure. (I'd just made backups thankfully, but I don't trust WM one bit)
    I just need a new place for my site to live, permanently.
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    Hello Kamineko

    Welcome to the forums.

    Take a look around the site here you will find many hosts that will fit your bill with no problem at all.

    Best of luck

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    Hello, Kamineko

    How long have you been with that company ?


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    Web Mania had supplied an alright service for about six months until the server failure, I tried to contact them through their Live Help system to figure out what was up, and they told me about the failure and were apologetic they they could not restore my files. After that, I decided they were not reliable enough and I declined to renew the yearly hosting plan.

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    Hi, Kamineko

    I know that it is the host job also to do backups, but did you make a backup for your self ?

    Good Luck

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    In this case I was aware that the host did not offer backups of any kind (at least from the information available on their site). However, they did replace the database and the files from a backup dated four months previous to the crash, (my website having been completely designed three months ago, rendering all this recovered information completely obselete).
    Luckily, the database and all files were backed up by myself offline a week or so before the server failure, so I lost nothing critical.
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    Your budget seems indeed... cheap. But your requirements are very modest also. You might find some host that offers a mini-plan...
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    If you look in the Advertising Forums, you will find what you need.

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    Nadabrahma is correct. Even though your requested price is very low, your requirements are very low as well, and I think it shouldn't be difficult to find a reliable host with those features you require.

    Good luck in your search!
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