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    I'm looking to sell the site It's a phpbb2 forum with several mods.

    It has about 1600 members and 19000+ posts.

    It receives about 45,000 impressions from 5,000+ uniques a month.

    It has a yahoo directory listing, 4 month old DMOZ submission, a marketleap link pop of 10,400, and a pagerank of 4.

    The only part that isn't doing so hot is the income. I'm making about $10 a month off adsense. Whoever buys it would need to find a better way to monitize it.

    I'm asking mid $x,xxx for it. I'm looking to sell to provide money to fund some other projects and I just don't have the time to stay involved with it. The hard part of starting an active forum has been done already so it would be a great head start for anyone looking to launch a rap site.

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    maybe i'm just a newb...but what makes it worth mid xxxx with an income of $10 a month?
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    Looks like a fairly active site. I am sure he could sell it for the price he is asking.
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    Didn't I recall seeing this for sale recently at Sitepoint?

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    Shin. Forum users, on any forum, usually don't click ads. That is the reason for the current low earnings. To make money off the site you'd need to do something like add static content to place the ads on, set up a related store, organize contest and charge entry fees, etc. Just look at any of the other major rap sites for ideas. Like I said in my original posts anyone considering buying it would need to put in the effort to set one of those options up to monitize the site. I just don't have the time to do it.

    The value is in the fact that it is very difficult to get an active forum set up. This hard part has been done. Obviously all the users and posts come along with the site. It's also a great domain name. It would save anyone who is interested in starting a Rap site months of hard work and quite a bit of money on advertising. I'm sure I'll be able to find someone whose interested for this price range.

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    I've been a mener here a few months, competed in a few freestyle battles. Nice site, nice audience and well run. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    How much is going for?

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