I am offering advertisements on my clan website (UT2k4 clan called Organized Crime) which is located at
http://teamoc.razored.net (I own the subdomain+domain).

This site was started 1 week ago, and has gotten 800 unique site views since then. 800 x 4.1 = estimated 2,870 unique site views per month. (This is the e107 stats system), the Webalizer subdomain stats are different.

These are great statistics for a site which has just started. Anyway, this is a great opportunity for companies to get customers, ESPECIALLY gaming companies, this website is visited by nearly 100% gamers/clans. (Of course a sponsorship from a gaming server company will work, all of this can be discussed).

The pricing for advertising is negotiable and can be done through AIM/MSN/EMAIL/PM or if needed through phone.


AIM: damastersquall
MSN: [email protected]
EMAIL: [email protected]

Or PM. If you would like to contact me on my phone, then please state through PM.

Thank you!