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    Billing System that can do these things:

    Hi there,

    1. We are in need to upgrade to a billing system that can make a custom package from scratch for our client's.

    eg. Enter bandwidth, space, features etc and it will calculate a price and bill accordingly.

    2. We are also looking for a system that has fraud controls that do not use expensive backend prevention. We are getting people signup with a stolen paypal and spamming. We are using WHMap and it is useless to stop fraud, unless I use a 3rd party product or seitch to manual installation of packages.

    3. Finally, if we could find a billing system that does the above and accepts either Nochex or e-gold (or both ) that would be brilliant.

    Any suggestions of what products can do any of the above would be most appreciated.

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    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    Is no one able to assist with this? Any help would be great.
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    you might want to check out this thread
    UK Enterprise Hosting

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