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    hey i was thinking about getting webhosting from this company Kijit i saw on these forums. heres the link
    . Now i am wondering if they have good deals and whether or not i should get them. In my opinion they seem amazing so far because i see that they have some cheap prices. Thanks all and tell me what u think. If you guys have tried it also i will appreciate your help.
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    HI, MadRespex

    Have you done a search here for that company ?
    remeber price is not everything, you want support, good up time etc..

    Good Luck

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    First try doing a search on Webhostingtalk and see if any reviews etc.. comes up. The pricing may be cheap but if they have horrible support/uptime then you might want to move elsewhere. Good luck.
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    oh i never knew you can search. let me check , but it seems like anew company. though im not sure where to search for any reviews.
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    If they are a new company it may be hard to find a lot of reviews. You could give it a shot on a monthly plan maybe. Good Luck!
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    go ahead and try them just because their a new company doesnt mean they may be bad. you dont know unless u have experience with them. Im currently with a new company and their working out great for me!

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    Test them out for a month if you are unsure about their services, new company does not always mean bad. You can post a review on them in a month

    Be sure to keep personal backups, no matter which host you choose its always best to keep your own data backups.

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    yea u know what im gonna try it out, theres no harm in trying it. anyways ill check it out and give u guys a review . might as well am i right? thanks for the help and such.

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    Hey there

    I have seen Kijit around the forums. He seems to know stuff. and is a pleasant guy Im sure you will be in safe hands with Kijit.

    Thanks and good luck.

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    Originally posted by intek
    Hey there

    I have seen Kijit around the forums. He seems to know stuff. and is a pleasant guy Im sure you will be in safe hands with Kijit.

    Thanks and good luck.
    Thank you for the kind words, Intek! =)

    MadRespex just signed up with us not too long ago, and I hope we prove to be competent as a newer hosting company to his business.

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    Hey its me again. I spent the last few days testing out kijit and its services. Man this is pretty amazing. Server sure is fast. Lol im not sure what else to say other than im extremely happy with this service. lol and they were very quick to accept my order and everything and get everything set up.

  12. #12 is the best way to research.

    You can try to find reviews there.

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    Hey , im back. I know its been a month. Anyways i just felt like telling you guys about my experience with kijit so far... Seems like the nicest thing to do with everyone helping me. Anyways at first i was confused about how to use cpanel and what not and i used the support system for kijit for answers. Usually in this situation with other companies i have had to wait a few hours or even a day or so for an answer so i was like all patient. Their response to my questions have been very fast, from like 5 to 10 minutes only. I was surprised so much lol. Not only was it fast, they actually answered my questions and fixed my problems as quick as possible.

    There was this problem where i couldnt get this php code right on trying to skin my website, and i asked them if they knew anything. I contacted them and onne of the support representatives (Kenneth) actually stayed with me on msn for a few hours helping me to get the script to work. He reviewed my script, told me what i should do and even taught me the basics of php scripting for a few hours. In the end my php skinning script worked flawlessly and i didnt have a big headache like i usually did trying to figure out how to get the stuff to work and implement it into my site.

    Also with the service there has been no downtime since ive been with them, which is actually what i hoped for. I am very happy with the service right now and i hope that i can stay with them as long as i can... thanks all for reading my post.. Good luck with searching for ur stuff.

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    Well give them a try, and after a few months, share a review with us!

    BTW, I love your site design Kijit, especially the "Diagnostic Test", brilliant!

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    Well give them a try, and after a few months, share a review with us!
    If you read the post above yours, you'll see he actually came back to let us know how the service has been these past few weeks.

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    Hello Mate.

    I am a customer of Kijit and I am very pleased with their services.
    Not only have they helped me resolve any issue that I have had with 100% success, they have done an amazing job on cutting down support wait times.

    Average response time is about 5 minutes, resolve times are average 10 minutes.

    You'll be in good hands with Kijit.

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    Thank you for the kind words, MadRespex, WebHostics, and fortress!

    As a company, we believe actually caring for our clients will lead to improved client-host relations, and generally, an enhanced public image. Also, as a relatively new company, I believe this is extremely crucial.

    We're always trying to give our clients the best hosting experience they've had!

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