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    ServInt and PowerVPS test files?


    Do any members have any spare bandwidth to put up a 20MB or so test file on ServInt and PowerVPS? I've received the test files from their sales departments and wanted to test files from individual clients if available.

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    I rec'd a PM from a ServInt customer (thank you) and tried out their speeds and I was not as impressed as I thought I'd be.

    Any PowerVPS customers?

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    PM me, I'm at PVPS

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    Any PVPS speed test links at all?

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    how is that going?

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    You can take a look at a thread I started in the PowerVPS forum I started a few days ago since I wasn't getting as much speed as I was expecting.

    I was downloading a file at 150KB/sec. Then the next day I downloaded at 350KB/sec (not bad, but I have a 6MBit line). After posting, several other people could download a lot faster, so it must be the route I take to the server.

    I've removed my 'test' file as I don't want to eat any more bandwidth.

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