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    ClientExec Version 2.5.0 Released

    To all members!!

    We are proud to announce the release of Clientexec, Version 2.5.

    The download is available to current owners with active support at our Members Area's Files Section. If your support has expired, please email sales[@] to obtain an extension for your support/upgrades. In order to qualify, you must have purchased an owned directly from Clientexec. If you purchased from one of our Resellers, you should obtain support and upgrades from them.

    We want to welcome any potential customer with a competing product to email refugee[@] for 50% discount link.

    Thanks again for this great community's support for our product.

    Do not forget to visit for user to user support if you do not have active ClientExec support.

    Change log will follow

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    * New user/packages approach:
    - Packages have now an activated/pending state
    - User must be active to allow package activation
    - Allow activation of all packages when a user is activated
    - Implemented user and packages activation and deletion in the dashboard
    - Changed client profile screen to show user packages on the right
    - Added Package Activation section to the package screen to determine which plugins to trigger upon package activation
    * New registrar plugins funcionality:
    - Allow domain registration upon package activation through registrar web services implemented as plugins (initially only Enom)
    * Billing:
    - Implemented Paypal Subscriptions, and allow to use Paypal Sandbox for testing
    - Added Stormpay support
    - Added request #89: new option in the 'include following payment' setting to specially handle monthly payments
    - 2CO update
    * Support:
    - Added close button in dashboard and billing section
    - Open tickets for non active users will be shown grayed-out
    * Signup:
    - Allow existing users to add packages through signup
    - Convert domain names entered to lowercase
    * Reports:
    - Don't show home graphs or reports without being logged in
    - Monthly Invoces Generated Report: sort by billdate and added Sent Date column
    * Others
    - Updated Interworx plugin
    - Automatically upgrade plugins at installation/upgrade, so admins won't have to take care of this anymore
    - Moved plugin settings (servers, 3rd party billing, fraud and registrars) to a separate section
    - Added whois domain check support for:,,,, .dm, .nf, .tl, .tp, .hk, .ua, .pro, .io,,,
    - Updated whois domain check for, .hk, .af, .cx and .ua
    - Previous operation confirmation messages will now appear in red on top of the following page
    - Implemented task #175: add a link to 'view packages' under the 'client info' button in navigation
    - Implement task #142: allow inactive users to login, but only give them access to billing so they can get up2date with their payments
    - Included windows ioncube loaders and upgraded old loaders to avoid conflict with Zend Optimizer in PHP 4.4.0

    Bugs fixed:

    - bug #45: cannot use quotes in fields values
    - bug #95: searching twice in signup was allowing using an unavailable domain
    - bug #30: removed last part of message 'This email address is already in use, please select existing member'
    - bug #61: time elapsed for closed tickets shouldn't increase. Now it shows the time between the ticket's creation and its latest closure
    - bug #45: can't send e-mails with quotes in the address
    - bug: custom field names with double quotes produced a javascript error
    - bug: support pipe wasn't taking into account initial ticket number setting
    - bug #87: foreign currencies were aligned incorrectly in pdf
    - bug #126: don't show search button if package doesn't allow domain registration
    - bug #104: couldn't use backslashes on templates
    - bug #29: was asking if use plugin when deleting non-domain packages
    - bug #103: wasn't invoquing server delete event when deleting packages through user deletion
    - bug #121: tickets for cancelled customers weren't shown. Now they are shown grayed out.
    - bug #91: not active users that send e-mail support messages create an unreadable support ticket because only tickets for active users are shown in the support module. Solution: if the sending user is not active, reject e-mail.
    - bug: first ticket number was being confused with first invoice number
    - bug: recurring domain registration charges weren't shown on the recurring overview section
    - bug: when prorating to a sufficiently close date without including the following payment, if the 'Send Invoice Offset' was small enough, the customer would get billed the following payment anyway.
    - bug #128: in Firefox the admin drop down menu was being covered by the quickgraphs in the dashboard.
    - bug: for new CE installations (not upgrades), some database fields for the file module where not being created, thus inducing a fatal error.
    - bug: after selecting a customer with a different language, the system switched to that language.
    - bug: fixed javascript error in edit package screen.
    - bug #165: if all servers were deleted a fatal error was shown.
    - bug #148: wasn't sending invoices when customer is not forwarded to the payment gateway.
    - bug: after a user edited its CC number it wouldn't be listed in the dashboard table for CCs needing validation.
    - bug: the inactive users indicator on the client stats (right panel) was incorrect.
    - bug: in the upcoming transactions report the sort by date option was giving nothing
    - bug: Upcoming Transactions report was producing an error when the report had no data
    - bug: fixed inclusion error with IIS.
    - bug: fixed currency symbol problem with HTML emails on Outlook and other mail readers
    - bug: after changing templates the right panel (user search, accounts summary, etc) wasn't shown correctly
    - bug: after changing billing parameters in a user's package that was recurring, the recurring charge wasn't properly updated

    2.3.1[*]PLUGINUPDATE (2checkout update) - 2checkout updated due to recent api changes at 2checkout[*]BUGFIX (email piping) Initial message were not being sent properly. Thanks to Christopher LaRocque[*]BUGFIX (update file manager) - Fixed php error that appeared when editing category in a level 1 or deeper[*]BUGFIX (update file manager) - Fixed a minor bug - when adding/editing files category name displayed always 'root'[*]BUGFIX (update file manager) - Fixed IE bug in permissions selectboxes - only one option was saved (clienttypes, users, servers) instead of multiple if added.[*]UPDATE (update file manager) - New feature: in permissions multiple options can be selected (ctrl + mouse click) when adding/removing.[*]BUGFIX (update file manager) - Fixed IE display bug in admin-overview, there was a 1px empty space between leafs.[*]UPDATE (update file manager) - Permissions in right selectboxes are sorted by name now.[*]REPORT UPDATE (trouble ticket reports)[*]REPORT UPDATE (annual_income)[*]REPORT UPDATE (customer_domains)[*]NEW REPORT (unpaid_invoices)[*]UPDATE (client profile) - When customer logs on he/she will not have to toggle the billing section to see how to change credit card[*]UPDATE (client profile) - When creating new customer the yes/no options default to yes instead of no[*]BUGFIX (signup) - Disable the "Transfer Domain Name To You" option when the domain name is not registered?

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    If I take the reseller pack of two, can I take one for me and one for my client ???
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    Yes you may. That is how most of our resellers start, with the very cheap 2 reseller pack.


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