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    Do I need VPS or Reseller?

    Hi, I have had a web design business for about 3 years now and have recently become unhappy with my hosting provider.

    I am currently "trying out" a VPS with, but I'm not sure if I'm going to like them either.

    Right now, I have about 50 domains and use about 1.5GB webspace and 20GB bandwidth. This is what I'm looking for, but am not sure if I should go with VPS or Reseller account. After I get some of your suggestions, I can post in a more specific board and get feedback about hosting companies.

    This is what I'm looking for:

    - 5-10GB space
    - 100GB+ bandwidth
    - Linux/Unix server
    - Control Panel with phpAdmin (like Plesk)
    - Private/Anonymous Name servers
    - Unlimited POP3 Emails
    - Webmail access
    - Unlimited domains
    - Unlimited MySQL databases
    - Latest GD library installed for photo gallery
    - CGI access
    - access to PERL path (I use some small PERL scripts on a few sites)
    - PHP (latest and greatest)
    - CURL (Client URL Library Functions) installed and accessible
    - Easy password protected directories (like with Plesk)
    - 24/7 Tech Support (long distance # is fine)
    - SSL support
    - Custom error pages
    - Fully supports osCommerce shopping cart (not sure what that entails on a server, but whatever it is, I need it
    - Good SPAM filter for email
    Live Website statistics
    - Able to add more webspace and/or bandwidth if needed later without a hassle.

    So, VPS or Reseller account?


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    I think with your experience in the *Nix realm if you go with a VPS provider: Make sure it's a good one with awesome support.

    A reseller account would mean less effort on your part but a VPS would mean more control and more resources in the end.

    Myself personally: I would go with the VPS. You'll learn a lot in the process.
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    Thank you!

    I am not a "server" guru. I don't know a thing about RAID, dedicated this, shared that, blah, blah.

    What I do know is that I am hosting some popular sites that I care about... My clients aren't just no-names to me. I am (overly?) affordable with my web design, so I can't pay $150/month, but I want a quality host that I can rely on and can call when I need something or have a problem and I'm willing to pay for that...

    I am cross-eyed with all the possibilities!

    I just want something reliable with friendly people I can pick up the phone and call. I don't host gaming sites, adult sites, or anything like that. In fact, many of my sites are drug free sites, Christian-based sites, and non-profit sites.

    I would love to host with a VPS, but I'm afraid I don't know enough to maintain it.


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    It depends on how active your site is, and how much customization you require. If you don't have much experience managing a server, and can find a decent reseller package, that may be the best for you. We don't know anything about the amount of traffic you have though, or any other details, so it's hard to say.

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    With the proper support team behind it, a decent panel that can handle updates (although security audits don't hurt either) I think almost anyone can make due with a VPS.

    As long as you keep on your toes, frequent your providers forums, keep on top of any updates from within your panels.

    Give it a shot
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    Right now, I have about 50 domains and use about 1.5GB webspace and 20GB bandwidth.
    But, our business is growing and I'm finding myself needing more space and bandwidth now.

    I don't know anything about running a server though...
    I'd like to have a Control Panel to point and click with...


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    Well even with a VPS you can have a control panel, you just also need to stay up to date with software upgrades, etc. If you want to go with a VPS, go with a managed provider like PowerVPS, as I think they'd be the perfect solution for you if you want a VPS.

    The lowest package is $44.50 I believe, and comes with 150GB data transfer, which sounds like it is quite enough for you. And I think they still have the offer of 100gb extra.

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    Can you identify what kind of software upgrades I'd be responsible for? For instance, do I have to install upgrades to PHP, etc.?


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    I would get a managed dedicated server that has a good control panel and enables your customers to do things like set up their own e-mail accounts, view Website statistics, and manage their files.

    The billing system should e-mail invoices, charge credit cards, and suspend overdue accounts. The system should also allow the you to issue credit or discounts as needed. In addition, you should choose a provider who can also do the customer support on your behalf under your brand.
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    Youd' have to upgrade any software you installed. Plus upgrade MySQL, PHP, and other such things. Howeve,r WHM can do a lot of this automatically, you're just responsible for doing so, as no VPS provider is going to automatically upgrade things for you without your conscent.

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    Hi Angel, welcome to the Forum.

    There is no doubt that a VPS will give you more Resources than a Reseller account. With that said, there is also more responsibility as well. Each Data Center has their own definition of a Managed Server, be it VPS or Dedicated, and you will have to spend a lot of time in researching what each offers and, if it suits your needs.

    With a Reseller account you have less responsibility and need only find a good Hoster. Researching potential Hosters still takes time but is not as intensive as researching for a VPS. Although resources with a Reseller account as not as high, neither is the price. You would also be able to focus more on 'your' business.

    No matter which way you go, important things to consider are Services offered. This would include things like; PHP 4.x or 5.x, mySQL 4.0.x or 4.1.x, etc. The latestest and greatest is not always best for certain situations. If you go by what versions you are using now, it will help to determine who can best provide for your current needs. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Thumbs up

    I'd suggest looking at the VPS packages from HostForWeb they not only handle "newbie" stuff & upgrades really well they have a very active community with special forums for VPS clients and a lot of "old hands" who are glad to help people out.
    Their support will upgrade most anything included with your account beyond the simple "click to upgrade" type stuff you can do yourself (they will do that for you too but it's easier to learn to do it yourself) They handle tickets in less than 20 min. 24/7/365 and the only time I have seen the live support offline was once when they had a server glitch with the server it was on (was down 3 or 4 hours that was in a 2 year+ time frame).
    About the only thing they don't support is 3rd party programs you may install or add-on, all the stuff you order with your VPS they will support. And I didn't look with a fine tooth comb but I believe they have very feature you were looking for in their plans.
    I used them back when I had an extra VPS and still stop in their forums now & then, their customers love them. (Note: If you look at their forums as a "shopper" you won't see all the extra VPS stuff like the special security forums & such, you have to granted access there, but I don't exaggerate when I say they have a very active VPS group)
    About the only tip I would give you is to list your specifics like the GD library, or if you want newer than php 4.4.0 which is what I think they are doing now on "standard" installs. If you tell them they will set it up with whatever versions or modules you need from the start.
    Only downside is telephone support (toll-free) was getting iffy. I figured it was because they have different services (reseller, shared, VPS etc) that go to different tech people and it's easier to route a chat or ticket to the person who has the answer needed for the particular customer. They were talking about getting a new phone system to handle that but I don't know if they have.
    Their support is good enough you wouldn't miss it if they haven't or if you got a tech that said "you'll need to submit a ticket to get VPS support to upgrade that" or such. It would still be done very quickly.

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    I am in the web design business, not the hosting business...although I do have alot of hosting needs.

    My biggest concern is my time and capabilities.

    I don't think a VPS is my best option because I'm not willing to spend hours maintaining a server...that is why I don't host my own server at my business.

    Can I have it all? A big reseller account that is full of resources.

    And beyond that , if I run into a program that I need installed, is it too much to ask that they install it for me? In example, I needed to put up a photo gallery with admin privledges, so I went with Minigal version 2 (MG2). It requred me to have the lastest GD library installed on the server. So, I picked up the phone and called my server guy, and he took care of it. That's what I want! That's what I need! I would stay where I'm at, but they have had major server problems lately (well, off and on for several months), and my sites are down too often and for too long.


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    I think it depends on how much time you have to take care of your server, at least for me it was a big factor. I could run a VPS or Dedicated, but it isn't so much of what I can do but more of what I have time to do. I really don't have much time to keep up with software updates and to track down possible issues that arise, so in the end I've gone with a reseller package. The price of my reseller package is actually the same price I would end up paying for a vps. It will also depend on the type of control you need, if you need root access to modify your server settings you may need a vps. But if your accounts are mostly standard setups and you don't need special settings a reseller account may be a good option still.

    I think as usual the key to finding a new host whether VPS or Reseller would be to do research :c). Also trying them out for a month in advance (before transferring accounts) may be a good option as well, even if its just a shared package. You can gauge a lot about their support, uptimes, and general attitude.
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    Originally posted by Website Rob
    With a Reseller account you have less responsibility and need only find a good Hoster. Researching potential Hosters still takes time but is not as intensive as researching for a VPS. Although resources with a Reseller account as not as high, neither is the price. You would also be able to focus more on 'your' business.
    Well said Rob. Knowing that, I think a reseller account is better for you. Only thing that may be a problem is the amount of domains. Basically, if you want to learn how to manage a server and worry about that, get a VPS. If you simply want to focus on web-design and not so much on hosting, get a reseller account.

    By what you describe, it doesn't sound like you need root access to do anything.

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    Thanks for your post on hostforweb. THey seem to be at the top of my list right now. I wrote to them , and they respnded as fast as I clicked send. I understand they are MANAGED. SO it should be very similar to a reseller account, but with the added piece of the pie compared to shared hosting that is throttled sometimes, but more first come, first serve.

    They also mentioned managing it, they provide the security. I think this is the way I am going to go, Using cpanel ans I was, and treat it like a reseller plan, but having more cpu time sliced out for me. It seems virtuozzo also has some built in security.

    Thier plans sound good, so One more letter to them, and I may make the jump. My reseller account is a dog now, and If I am going to sit and have to monitor my sites to see if they are up or not, I can't be withthe right provider. TIme to give someone else a try. Although I won't come near using all that's offered on even the simplist plans, I feel I'd gain in knowing I am somewaht guaranteed CPU time and I won't have some other sites bad programs or mass emailing, or backups killing me all evening.

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    Coming from a very strong VPS and Reseller backround and looking at your requirements and your business I'd HIGHLY suggest a reseller account V. a VPS account.

    You're a web designer and you're not looking to futz around with the intricacies of a VPS. You think you're getting more resources with a VPS but this is usually NOT the case. With most reseller accounts you're clients are spread across multiple servers and you won't have to worry about your server using too much processor or memory. Managing most reseller accounts is a breeze compared to managing a VPS. You won't have to worry about taking a managed or unmanaged VPS etc. You're a web designer - not a web host.....go with a reseller account.
    Alex B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by successful
    You're a web designer - not a web host.....go with a reseller account.
    I'd have to agree that if you don't want to spend time sorting the server side out, you should go reseller rather than VPS. It's a question of deciding the business you want to be in. If the host will manage the VPS for you so that it wil never take more of your time than a reseller then that would be fine. It would also be relatively fine when things were going well. From the way you describe yourself, I'd go reseller.

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    What's wrong with going with a VPS that is managed? I just talked to the people at hostforweb and They satisfactorily answered my questions. They manage the servers. They handle the security. I can do more if I want to having root access, but they seem to cover it well with loaded software and external protection on the network. Seems if I have a strong root password, I should be OK.

    So I get the piece of one machine time, and not shared resources someone could eat up 100% of. And the pricings competitve. REAL competitive.

    I think I am going to try the VPS myself, just button it up and use the WHM/CPanel as I always have, but I will be partitioned away from the rest.

    I don't buy the fact shared hosting has my sites spread across a bunch of servers, Not where I was. It was all one crumby lagging machine. And I got creamed when the emails and backups kicked in throughout the night.

    SO, I am taking a deep breath, planning a long weekend, and moving to hostforweb to try them out, It can NOT be any worse than what I've gone through for system lags. And after a while, amybe I don't have to keep peeking to see if my server is lagging like a 300 Baud modem.

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    So you're saying that...managing vps is as easy as managing a reseller account?

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    You can get a reseller account @ with 8gb disk space and 120gb bandwidth for $20/mo.

    They're owned by and are a reliable company.

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    get a VPS account over at best service i have ever had so far and i certainly was not a hosting guru.
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