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    Selling my license

    Ok..thiis is NOT for my site, only the license for the script.

    I bought the V1 script from when it was in Jon's ownership for $40.

    Under the new ownership (John Diver her at WHT), the $40 script is upgradable to the rental version (1.1 currently).

    You can choose to use either V1 (which I have made some modifications to prior to 1.1 to enhance it) or you can use the v1.1 version (but you can't run both).

    I"m looking for $20 for it. NOt a lot, just don't need it anymore. Buyer will need to supplyl me with the domain it will be used on, email addy, and name so that I can have John transfer the license in his database.

    Just for the record:

    V1: Unencrypted, free to use as longs a you own it. I've made changes to the code to add some additional functionality (like being able to edit games in the backend and Director file (.dcr/.dir) support).

    V1.1 Encoded, yearly rental fee currently. Does not have the mods I made to V1, but does have a much much improved template system.

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    This license is available for transfer.

    As Sean said you can use the license with version 1 as long as you want and you can also get a rented license free of charge (I will reset the license so the new owner will get a full 12 months if you want to use that).

    Good luck with the sale Sean
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