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    Question Account Transfer Question. Please help.

    Ok, here's the situation.

    One of my users has an account on another box, I'd like to transfer that account over to one of my servers. The problem is that that server does not run cPanel, it has no control panel at all, just bare Linux, so I
    can't use the automatic account transfer feature in WHM which is what I normally use. How do I go about packaging that account and then transfering it over to my server? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    What type of access do you have to the old server?
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    1- if you have root access to the another server , tar the entire user directory and wget it from your server and dump mysql databases manually from SSH and wget them too .

    2- If you don't have root access to the server , ask the old hosting company to do this for you .

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    The others have pretty much covered it.

    You should have some sort of access to the old server, even if it's strictly FTP. Assuming it's strictly FTP you will simply want to transfer the web contents into public_html, and than recreate the email addresses etc...if you have full root access you may be able to make it a bit easier, but honestly don't expect to be able to transfer over your mail/stats/etc as it's likely using a different software setup.

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