What it is:
I am currently in the process of developing two very unique items, one of which stems off from the other - they both require high end PHP skills, as well as a decent amount of Javascript knowledge (Either are optional if you have skills in the other).

What I need:
I need a few programmers with at least two years experience with one or both of the following:
-Javascript (Must have experience with parsing XML)

Payment methods and amounts will be disclosed upon further request of this project; I will not post amounts on this forum because they are dependant on your skills, and how much you're willing to do.

Extra information:
I am merely looking for a partner or two to help me make sure my code is solid, secure, and optimized for thousands of people to access, many times a day - and use for hours on end.
You will not be doing all of the work yourself, I already have a large chunk of the framework for both projects completed and merely need someone to help optimize what I have, and add a few small things here and there.
(Full time positions are available, however - to constantly keep the code up to date, as well as tackle the entire project with myself.)

How to contact me:
For more information please e-mail me at [email protected]