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Thread: Weird Spam

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    Weird Spam

    Every now and then, I will check my sites contact email (which consists of a form the user fills in then submits it to a script that emails it to an address), and I will get a bunch of emails like this:
    Subject: webmaster from texas hold em ([email protected]) << this varies a bit in the wording
    The email would contain: &lt;a href= &gt; &lt;/a&gt;n
    email address: [email protected]
    I would post the IPs, but I have reason to believe they are just proxies as I've gotten about 17 emails today, all from different IPs around the world. I say this is weird spam because when I visited their site, there wasn't much on there. Not even a store of some sort, I didn't see any ads or anything. So, I wonder, what is the point of this? Has anybody else received anything like this?
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