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    After a blog design

    I am after a blog design, I would like something like but obviously not the same, I like bluey type colours like #00326F (Not sure what the name of that blue is), also look at, maybe some white thrown in too, I iwll leave that upto the designers, whatever they think looks best.

    I need any side menus done with the php include feature so if I want to add something to them I only need to edit one file and also need the header with any links done in the same way.

    Don't need to do all that for a preview tho which is what I am after right now some people to throw up a preview and then I will work with the guy/woman to fit the design to my needs (What links etc).

    The header I will decide on later so just put anything in there for that right now but it will probably have a pic of some women, beer bottles things like that, 'man' stuff

    I can pay upto $50 for this, maybe bit more too depending on the design, payment will be via Paypal.

    Design needs to be exclusive to me, so once bought it's mine and won't be re-sold.

    This is posted on numerous places, I hope to find a design I like.

    Any questions feel free to PM me, cheers

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    Also need it coded

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    Both for 50? Do you want any flash animation?

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    No flash animation

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    look at

    Thats my blog design I am looking at selling.

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    ill see what i can come up with for you when i have time

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