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    Looking for a dedicated as DNS server


    I work for a dutch hosting company with our total netwerk in Holland.

    We used to host our customers in the US at, but we found out that the weren't as great as they state on their website.

    So we rented some rackspace at in Amsterdam and for almost more then a year we are hosting all our customers in Holland. And i must say, they are great.

    Our secundairy nameserver is still located at, but we wan't to get rid of it.

    I am looking for the following server:
    - Celeron/P4
    - 512MB Ram
    - 80GB disk
    - 200GB traffc p/m
    - SSH root access
    - No cPanel, Plesk or whatever, just root SSH.
    - Debian Linux

    This server will also serve as a fallback MX server.

    I have looked at, ev1, servermatrix and theplanet, but i don't trust them.

    Who can give me a little kick in the right direction?

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    a2b2 has a vps deal for things like that. ask them , if you need a bigger vps for your application
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    A simple VPS account is probably all you need for DNS / MX. I would recommend

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    I currently have a VPS at and sofar it's been fantastic! Can't fault them.

    Good services, good prices, and great support.

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    << I have looked at, ev1, servermatrix and theplanet, but i don't trust them. >>

    Care to define that? These are major industry players...
    I would be more concerned about a smaller company going out of business or dissapearing, as one of these companies would be bought out before such occured...

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    Take a look at, we have our primary DNS with them and it's very stable

    They have boxes for around $35 taht should do what you're lookin' for

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    - All popular VPN methods supported
    - Affordable offloaded MySQL & DDoS protection
    - 5GB backup space, unmetered private LAN bandwidth & native IPv6 included. All with a strong serving of pony

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