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    Question Can paypal do this?

    Dear All,

    I have a request from my client who wants to sell customised software
    on his website.
    I was acknowledged that the ordering process should be in a way that
    upon customer's transaction is processed, a download link to download the software will be made available.
    He plans to use paypal.

    Does paypal supports it?

    Example site will be something like this,

    ++ dream architect ++

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    If I'm not wrong, yes paypal does support that. They seem to have an explanation on this on their website.
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    yes, PayPal can be setup to send an e-mail to customers after they send payment...

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    You should look at the IPN option which will give you the most control over what is in the email. This can also be used to write to datbase or file on your web server.
    You will need a script on your web server to process the IPN data

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    In addition to that, there are samples available at the paypal website which cover the things you want. At least no need to reinvent the wheel or something

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    From what I remember you can use paypal's SOAP server to process payments (both paypal and credit card...but the latter requies a monthly fee). You'll get a response message back from the SOAP server and you can do whatever you want with send an e-mail.

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    Thanks for all the feedbacks.
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    Yes this can be done because i have ordered things in this way.

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