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    HSphere Reseller with features like ResellerZoom??

    Hey all...

    I've been reading reviews and browsing host sites for the last week or so, and have come to a few conclusions about certain hosts, namely:

    Jodohost :
    - i'm leaning towards this one
    - awesome pricing
    - good reviews (if anyone can share their experiences, i'm all ears)

    - seems excellent
    - great prices and features
    - perhaps support not all that crash hot?

    Matrix / Vortech:
    - great pricing and features
    - terrible customer service (lots of complaints)

    ... but what i'm really looking for i havent yet found... i want HSphere hosting (Windows & Linux reselling), with similar features to above plans (lots of bandwidth, lots of domains, direct support would be nice)... with extra features as offered by ResellerZoom, namely:
    - domain reseller account
    - SEO reseller account

    I'd really like one company i can deal with, and manage everything through... if ResellerZoom had HSphere hosting, i'd be sigingin up right now... but they dont.

    Does anyone know of other hosting companies that do offer such extra services as a big package?

    Thanks guys - I'd be lost without you... or perhaps just frustrated with my current host (errr... actually, i already am. hahaha)


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    direct support would be nice
    You mean anonymous end user support?

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    Originally posted by ldcdc
    You mean anonymous end user support?
    Ahhh yeah, thats what i meant... anonymous end user support (i do take holidays occasionally).

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    Looks like is CPanel not H-Sphere. I don't think DIY, Jodo or use even offer CPanel.

    Are you looking to switch over to H-Sphere?

    Also about "terrible customer service (lots of complaints)" you might want to check for a better idea how good we are and how much our customers love us. WHT will not give you the full details, just a few bad apples. We know we can't make everyone happy but we do try our best.

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    hey Vortech,

    Thanks for the feedback... yeah i know resellerzoom is only cpanel, which is a pity because i really like their plans and extra features.

    And yes, i will read the vortech forum before making a decision.. i do like your offerings... guess i'm just being super-cautiuous... as i recognise how much time gets wasted each time i move servers, and i dont want to have to do it again for a long long time.


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    All three companies you mentioned are well established, and should not be a problem.

    If you have further questions about specific details, make sure to request in a pre-sales email/ticket, as pre-sales questions direct to providers can't be answered here.

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    ahhh... okay fair enough, i will send off emails to each provider when i get a chance.. probably over the weekend.

    Any users care to comment on their experiences with each of these hosts?

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