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    * CALHOST- FREE CPANEL or $20 OFF Any Server!


    We are happy to announce a special kind of special where YOU choose the discount. Best of all - all discounts are PERMANENT! That's right - If you signup today and choose "Free CPanel", you will ALWAYS have free CPANEL on your server and never have to pay a license fee on that server as long as you are a customer at CalHost!


    * FREE CPanel On Your Server(s) ($25value)

    * $20 OFF Any Server in Stock

    SALE ENDS AUGUST 15 2005


    [email protected]

    Included With ALL Servers
    -o- Premium Network
    -o- 100% Uptime Guarantee
    -o- Free Remote Reboots
    -o- Complimentary Server Management Package
    -o- Free Server Monitoring + Alerts (via PingCheck)
    -o- 30 Minute Support Response Guarantee
    -o- Complimentary KVM/IP Access (Server Console)
    -o- Central Bandwidth Graphs

    Network Uptime
    We have 100% Uptime Guarantee and we have confirmed 100% uptime ever since we started using external monitoring (SEE: Even more impressive, as of April 12, 2005 our facility has held 100% uptime for power cooling and connectivity for a SOLID FOUR YEARS. If uptime is important, very few hosts can come even close to CalHost's network stability. If packetloss is a problem, go no further. But don't take our word for it. Email sales to read some testimonials by those who enjoyed our services so much they offered their candid opinions about it.
    Our Bandwidth
    Nothing beats a great connection which is key to mitigating packetloss and awesome response. We have a BGP mix across 7 unique providers (ATT, MCI(UUNET), Sprint, Williams, Qwest, OnFiber and UFO). If REAL premium bandwidth is what you're after, you just found it.
    Network Overview
    Our infrastructure rests on a Cisco/Foundry mesh of redundant routers and switches at every level providing a true NSPF network (no single point of failure). Certified engineers watch and tune the network itself on an hourly basis 24/7/365 to mitigate network and/or congestion issues before they happen.

    Why Sacramento?
    * Seizmically Stable Region
    The Sacramento Valley is one of the most seizmically stable regions in the Western U.S.
    * Close Proximity to the Bay Area
    Ideal for staff needing reundancy and availability in two unique yet accessible regions.
    * Significant Cost Advantages
    Sacramento has cost advantages relative to the San Francisco Bay Area which allow CalHost to provide a Class "A+" infrastructure for the comparable cost of a Class "B" facility in the Bay Area.
    * Reliable Power Supply
    Facility Overview
    The CalHost facility is HIPAA-compliant and SAS-70 certified, equipped with a large number of active video and other security surveillance devices to maintin a secure and safe environment. To read more about CalHost or about our facility, please view our online Sales Brochure (

    Looking for a server that isn't on a bad network or prone to downtime? Need a responsive support and management team that takes ownership? We encourage you to give CalHost a try and realize the true value of a managed, cost effective, strategically-located dedicated server and colocation services hosted by CalHost Communications - in business since 1999.
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