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    5 nameservers in use (that's an odd number!)

    The who-is query above shows that has 5 nameservers. That's an odd number. Aren't nameservers supposed to be used in pairs? Can anyone throw some light on this matter please?

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    You don't have to use nameservers in pairs. The reason they are supposed to be in pairs is for redundancy.

    The pair of nameservers should really be in seperate locations as well. In truth two nameservers on the same server doesn't achieve the purpose of havning two.

    Having 5 is not that odd at all, just uncommon. These 5 nameservers may be located at 5 different datacenters throughout the world providing DNS services to the websites in the event one nameserver is down.
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    Those are enom's own NS's, they'e always used a buttload

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    5 nameservers -- thats not a problem. The basic requirement is that there should be atleast two working nameservers as primary and secondary nameservers.

    Other than that you can have as many nameservers as you want..
    If you check the whois for Yahoo, you will find it using 5 nameservers :

    Name Server: NS1.YAHOO.COM
    Name Server: NS5.YAHOO.COM
    Name Server: NS2.YAHOO.COM
    Name Server: NS3.YAHOO.COM
    Name Server: NS4.YAHOO.COM

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