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    3,675,, + More PR 3
    Price: offers $xxx

    This one is my pride and joy (or was going to be, at least) but I just don't have the time and drive to work on it as much as I need to. It's a good domain that sticks and gets some traffic. It got 300 in May and June then dropped to 150 last month. 6 so far this month on the 1st. Can provide a screenshot if needed. The domain is with Namecheap and it's yearly IPB license good until early next year I believe. The design is a highly customized purchased skin.

    Price: $125 (open to reasonable offers)

    This is a custom designed site with a lot of potential. Everything is custom. The site was getting some traffic but that has trailed off since I've not been able to work on the site. Everything works and transferring the site is easy. This is a great deal to someone who has the time.

    ------------------------------------------------------------ PR 3
    Price: $60

    Some traffic (~3-4 uniques a day). This site needs some work - I was going to convert it over to a simple forum with news (RSS feeds) and some other articles if I had the time. I'm taking a loss on what I paid for this domain. Now would be a good time to get it going again before Big Brother 6 comes out.

    ------------------------------------------------------------ PR 1
    Price: $40

    Bought this site and never got around to it. With all the space news lately has a good chance. Already a place for adsense and other links. Little traffic not really worth mentioning.

    Price: $30

    Turnkey site with the hard work done for you. Dozens of PDF files are uploaded and linked in categories. This alone would take an hour or two or work to accomplish. A great name!

    ------------------------------------------------------------ PR 4
    Price: $50

    Some traffic here as well (2-3). A few more searches from Google (12). Again has potential.


    Take the entire group for $450.


    Please feel free to ask any questions.

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    I would be interested in your legal forms site. Can you provide me with the site stats and where it is currently hosted. Please PM if you could.

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    Site was sold late last night @ DNF, sorry.

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