Newista own builded hosting signup script is for SALE !!!
This signup script is an excellent signup script that we made [we made it fully, not a modified nor an imitated script]

This script also allows customers to create custom builded hosting packages and signup..

We are already building a new very advanced version of it with new designs and you cant believe how many times we have been asked to provide it by resellers and other hosts but it is not something like modernbill that you can get as package and install at your web-site, it is a pure PHP scripts that run via private MySQL database.

Since we will no longer will use them we rather to make happy whom requested those scripts alot.

Here is the offer:
:: Signup Script + Help Desk + Client Admin [ admin for every client that they will see their past tickets and open new tickets , signup details , client base news..... and ofcourse the god admin and sub god admins for supporters and sales assistant ] = $1999

Our partner will fully setup it for your site and this is included with the price above.

The setup could take as long as a week

No Bargain and kindly dont ask me more question please because this is not my job and you will be contact with a Newista member who build it not me and i dont have time for this more than this offer. The price is exactly as above and will be made only for the first 3 application.

Oh i forgot to say it is also integrated with PayPal and other CC processors and maybe modified little bit more too according to your needs