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    Windows, MsSql, adult content

    Just wondering if anybody can suggest a good Windows w/ MsSql host for an adult website. The site would be starting off small so I was thinking about shared hosting at first. The problem is, any hosts I find that meet the above criteria all have awful reviews at various host review sites. Have not been able to find one that anybody says anything good about! Bad support, excessive downtime, etc. Is there a decent one out there?

    Btw, sorry if this question gets posted a lot... but I did a search on this site and did not find anything except a bunch of advertisements

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    It would really help if you included some features/specifics on what you needed and your budget.

    Is windows/mssql really required? You can save alot more money going with Linux.

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    Well, I'm willing to spend more money if I can get a decent host. I mean, I don't want to spend $100/month on shared hosting, but up to $50 would be ok. Like I said, it would start small so I don't need TOO much drive space and bandwidth. As far as Windows is concerned, yes, I'd like to do the site in ASP.NET. I suppose I could do without MsSql, but it would be nice since that's what I'm most familiar with.

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    web hosting

    Hi there,
    I have some experience in the Adult Internet. I would suggest you check out Web Air as their packages start super cheap... They have virtually every add-on you could imagine and start at like $10 a month... Scalability is there, I am sure they can accomadate your other requests as far as Windows environment goes. I am curious though, what are you doing that you would rather have a windows OS than linux in the adult market?

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    "what are you doing that you would rather have a windows OS than linux in the adult market?"
    I'm a .NET programmer through and through. That's my main reason. Is there a reason why Linux is considered better for this market? Security?

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    adult contents pretty risky either way, sorry for my answer being that way
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    Adult Content is no more risky than anything else as long as you treat it appropriately - AS A BUSINESS. The days of downloading images, throwing them up on your web site, and making money are long long over.... Make sure you are following the letter of the law especially the new 2257 doc requirements.

    As far as a reason people would rather run Unix ? I am not super familiar with Windows Servers.. I bought the books to get MCSE certified but never got much further than the hardware portions of the prerequisite on A+

    I can tell you that fromw hat i have heard Windows server are more for databasing. If you are going into a market such as personals or anything else that requires the heavy use of databases then shoot for Windows. Otherwise the majority of people use Linux. In the adult world the following are main uses for Windows servers

    1) Dedicated MySQL
    2) Affiliate Programs
    3) Dating
    4) Accounting Back Ends for Cam Sites etc

    And other such things ...

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    I would also advice on linux. As u require MYSQL i think it would be better if u actually used Linux. MYSQL is more stable with linux. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
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    Well, I'll definitely be doing a lot of databasing... accounting stuff, etc. This coupled with my desire to use ASP.NET pretty much makes the decision for me.

    Thanks rm704.

    mehboobashraf, just to clarify, I'm looking for MsSql -- SQL Server -- not MySql.

    I will check out Web Air. Anybody have any other suggestions? I'd like to compare a few.

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    Your best bet for finding reviews on hosts who specialize in adult content, would be to check out some of the adult webmaster fourms (weboverdrive, gfy, netpond etc.). They'll be more than happy to give you their opinions

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    Will do. Thanks for the help guys!

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    I have used for YEARS, since 1997 I believe... I used them back when a 1 mbit connection was $1K a month, LOL !!!

    They are still up and running solid just installed new off shore data center location... prime for adult hosts... It is probably geared more towards someone who would have larger needs but feel free to contact them and tell them Ryan sent you.. They will take care of you if you decide to go with them. [email protected] should hit them I would guess.. If not write [email protected] and tell Tracy that Ryan told you to write her.

    Web Air is who my last employer used and they were pretty good there was one time there was 4-5 hours of downtime in 6 months where I was unhappy about how they handled it. Other than that their setup is great and ticket type of system is prompt.

    But if you do a search on GFY for the user name 'rml1608' I started a post there askignj about who the top hosts were nowadays and got quite a few replies.. I think the thread ended up with 125 posts or so if I remember right. That would be as good of a place to start as anywhere. Don't ask questions there a 'newbie' would ask though.. They jump ya pretty hard.

    To discuss actual adult hosts I would try They are VERY friendly to new posters who are just getting into the game.. Meat and the gang have built a great atmosphere up there for people in your situation.


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    Great, thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

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    No problem, best of luck with all of you ventures

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