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    NEED a templatemonster template main page edited

    Alright I bought a template off

    I suck at editing and splicing and junk like that. I made an image of what I want the main page to be.

    Ive got everything, htmls,psd's,etc. Its a flash design but im using the html one. Took me like 2 minutes to edit the main page to a viewable in photoshop kinda stage, but actually getting it into the template and stuff thats another story which is what I need done.

    thats what I need the main page to look like.

    Heres the original template on the templatemonster site:

    if its possible after you edit the template if you can make a sub page for me. The included ones I hate. Basically take those 4 middle boxes on the mian page and turn it into one big lighter gray box that is all.


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    ive responded to all the inquiries. Im still waiting for responses though.

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    I can do it right now, AIM - hexthem4n

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