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    Need advice on suitable hosts.

    Hi all,

    I am conducting a research project to get a host that could handle a company with huge expectations (after 3 years of R&D and product release this Fall).

    Does anyone know of a 99.9 server uptime host who matches this criteria?

    Uptime at least 99.9%
    Data Transfer/Month currently guestimated to be over 100
    Data Transfer Rate - currently guestimated to be at least 10 Mbps
    Technical Support via phone - 24/7 Pay $$$ for great support
    Space 100-200 MB (currently only using under 30 MB)
    Using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    Undecided on Shared, VPS, Co-location, or dedicated server. Recommendations are appreciated.

    Background of our needs:
    We are an upcoming direct response marketing company; our product will initially be sold via infomercials directing audiences to our web site to view a 4-5 MB flash file. We are initially anticipating spikes of 100-250 viewings/hour during broadcast of infomercials.

    Anyone have recommendations of what hosts to seriously analyze?

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    For your transfer month you're talking about over 100gb? Also, how much storage are you looking for? A fully managed VPS solution is probably right for you or a semi-dedicated hosting plan. I'd say try using the Host Quotea feature above first and see what offers you get. Good luck.
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    I'd also look over the VPS offers section, When you think you like a host search for any reviews posted and see what kind of moneyback guarentees they offer etc.
    All the best with finding a hosting provdior.

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    VPS solution would be the best for you.

    Here is a list of VPS providers:

    Theres many more, you can start by looking the VPS offers section

    Best of luck with your search.

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    Hey Vrwired,

    If you're really serious about your business, try looking into either really high end shared hosting, or go straight to a dedicated server.

    You might not need all the space of a dedicated, but the speeds and the ability to cope with your clientele.

    Add on a managed plan provided by an external or internal party to manage security and maintanance of your server, and you're good to go.

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    I would suggest a dedicated server now as it sounds like you have the money for it if you have put this much into the company so far why be skimpy to save a couple hundred dollars a month when you could run on a dedicated for a little more

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    Feel free to look around the Web Hosting Offers and research them.
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  8. is worth checking out.. i had an account with em..they are big in uk

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    give techs a call to and sales with multiple companies and see what sets each company different
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