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Thread: Possible Fraud?

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    Possible Fraud?

    Hey All,

    Would appreciate some guidance on this issue.
    Over the past few days we have had several orders through PayPal of web hosting. These are our top packages, and as standard we check out accounts on a regular basis.

    However these stand out as the only thing that these accounts appear to be used for are to use our server to send spam out (their accounts are on hold now)

    They add an unregistered domain into the control panel then using smtp auth, just spam through us.

    Is there anyway in which this can be stopped? We've contacted paypal, but not had any response yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    no, paypal will not help you unfortunately. same situation with cc processing. good solution - check all customer details before activate his account. check their domain, email, phone number, email address and etc. this would not prevent you from spam, but may prevent from fraud and chargebaks.
    for antispam you may use any MTA and good setup it. For example. exim has this feature in distribution, you only need enable it.
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    we're getting more and more of these signups. I've spoken to paypal on the phone, and they say that everything is fine, and that it is all ok.

    does anybody know where we stand in the law for this? do we have to inform anyone?

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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way


    1) You need to finish your site, terms page is an unwrapped txt file which is very difficult to read

    2) Your spam policy and AUP links do not work

    3) Your terms page references a html file wich is non existant

    4) Your signup page needs to be error trapped as you can sign up with total garbage, in fact the whole signup process seems confusing with me having to go back and forth to find the plan etc. that i had initially clicked.

    5) You need to get acceptance of your terms at signup time.

    If not you will have a lot of difficulty applying contractual terms against a client.

    As worldhosting said, check all details before allowing a client live access, genuine customers will wait to be approved, however you need to sort that form first if not you will be receiving hundreds of these signups soon..
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