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    What should I know?

    What should I know before I sign up for a reseller hosting forum? Such as do I make my own prices or does the company I am getting the hosting from already do that? Do I have to manage all the info and send it to my company or is it present when they sign up? and mostly, what all do I have to keep running? I am new to this and would apreciate as much info as possible.


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    I recommend use invision and no phpbb, ips the invision makers are very expensive for the thing they do. I use a reseller in cyberwurx for have invision.

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    Thanks, but I didn't ask for a reccomendation, I just need some info I need to get started.

    Sorry for the late reply, google seems to be on the fritz down here


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    All these things vary from company to company.

    True reseller hosting allows you to create your own packages and prices; you provide support to your clients, and you deal with the billing/admin etc.

    In this form of hosting you pay your monthly fee to the reseller company, and they take care of the servers and support you with any questions you may have.

    Of course, there are quite a few variations to this theme. It's best to contact the company you are interested in hosting with and ask these questions.

    Good Luck! : Web Hosting Is What We Do!

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    Is there anything Really complicated I will have to worry about?

    What type of stuff would I have to know (Programming languages, ETC)

  6. Panels are easy to control... especially most of em offer cpanel.. so its easy.. i would recommend google in for a demo on cpanel and get your self familiarized.

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    Used cpanel. Can't seemed to get acustomed to it after going with HSPHERE for 3 months. Lol, thanks though.

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