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    [Seeking] PHP/MySQL Programmer For Visitor Tracking system

    I am looking for quotes on a simple system that can be installed on a web site and keeps track of a visitor to the web site as they move to different pages.

    The system would log all visitor's activity into a MySQL database (all databases must be fully created by the script so that the webmaster does not have to do any configuration aside from entering a login/pass for the DB).

    The script would keep track of the user's IP address, referring page, time on current page, and time on entire web site. The script should be able to separate robots from actual visitors.

    Also please quote separately on keeping track of returning visitors based on log files. The script should simply added on more column in the visitor table to specify if they are a returning visitor since a specified date.

    Please PM with quotes.


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    Why not just purchase a tracking script? It doesn't seem like you need anything customized that isn't available in todays web tracking scripts.

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    I think i forgot to mention that this should all be done in real time and I do need something customized.

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    Hi, have you found someone for the job as yet? If not I am very much interested. Id like to know what is your budget for this project?

    Please use the information in my profile to contact me either by Instant Message, Email, or Private Messenging right here on WHT - Powerful Windows Hosting
    Email: sales(at)

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    Hi, please message me on MSN - [email protected]
    Regards, sri

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