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    My experience with RapidVPS

    I'll start with the good.

    Awhile back I got tired of the lack of control I had with a simple shared-hosting solution and decided to get a VPS. The main reason I went with RapidVPS was because they were located in town (Orlando) and their specs / price were great. Lots of bandwidth, generous space, lowest price I could find.

    It started out great, I was confident enough in my server and their tech support to start taking hosting requests, eventually I developed a small hosting company catering to artists.

    Everything was absolutely fine for 4-5 months.

    Then one day, during one of Florida's thunderstorms (if you have ever been to Florida in the Summer you realize how bad these can be) something happened. I tried to login to my server and got nothing. I e-mailed them from my work e-mail and got a prompt reply. The server had been hit by lightning effectively killing two hard drives. Apparently there were three drives set up in a RAID 5 configuration, but since two went down, the array was kaput.

    Now, I've visited the datacenter they are in, and given the equipment they have, this should have never happened. They are located in a suite in a tower downtown and recieved two direct strikes, very plausable, but being in a tower, in Florida, you really should be prepared for the absolute worst.

    Anyways since they had been so nice to keep communicating with me I decided to keep my hosting there. My customers were understanding and I got them back as soon as I could and gave them three months free since they had lost EVERYTHING. I also worked with each one individually over the phone to get them back up and running as soon as possible.

    However, when my VPS was set backup, it was quirky. Certain services would hang or not run at all. Plesk would show up as a webpage but if you tried to do anything that interacted with the server it would say it needs to be re-installed. Sites would go down mysteriously and then come back on their own. Generally a bad situation.

    I submitted some support tickets about different errors when they happened and they were fixed, in a decent amount of time. But I'm not really sure why Plesk worked so poorly after the re-build anyways. To the extent that I couldn't do certain tasks like add domains. Not to mention the whole server went down AGAIN about 2-3 days later.

    Long story short, I bought a dedicated server at Netivex and am in the process of moving all my customers over. I informed them of what happened and luckily they are all more than happy to move to a dedicated server.

    RapidVPS are a bunch of nice guys, and their service is pretty great, it's just a shame that after my server got fried it just never worked the same. One solution was to completely re-install it again but I didn't want to have my customers re-upload everything AGAIN.

    If you're on a budget and want a really good spec'd VPS, they are pretty decent. Just hope yours doesn't get hit by lightning... twice :[

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    I not recommend that "company".

    This is why (sorry my english in advance!).

    We started to reseller VPS services from they while ago. In the meantime the services was good but situations catch our attention

    - not CRM or any way to track (they and the client) the payments and the vps one have (note that in our case is not only one vps) with they. Ex. If you hire a vps the create a batch with 2co, but then if you want to upgrade it the generate another batch, in another date, so, multiplying that for various vps and is a mess.
    - one every 2 months happened a big problem... or disonnections, or data lost (two times happened), or server hang up. And the worst is the problem always take like 12 hs. to be fixed, without another explanation of "sorry, we are going to try that this not happened again".

    Because those situations, and the grow up of the demand for vps, we started to offering the services with our own vps servers. So the accounts we have we them were decreasing and we didnt pay attention to the payments because it were a cc batch by

    Suddenly another problem happened 2 weeks ago.
    A vps of our client was down for one day, and then the content disappeared.. apparently the disk crashed and they didnt have backup. In the meantime the checked our account balance (i gues motived to our protest) and note that some invoices were not paid by us (note that some yes, apprently 2co refuses months ago the invoices of one vps), so they suspended all our vps after the disable ftp/vz/ssh access (the ones that are correct paid too), asking the payment of the doubt. At that point we require the complete detail of balance and the re-establishing of the service (and, an error of our part, we mentioned that we were moving all the rest of the vps for this situation), some info that they, apparently, cant/want provide (they for ex, said us that we have a numer of vps that its incorrect, because we were canceling vps months ago with the pass to our servers... and we have the email that they sent us that the cancel was made).

    We said that days ago by email, but no answer to our last order of information until now and vps down. This is not professional, and this is not a company that you can trust. We lost clients, money, etc. We only wanted to paid what we owe, but no more. Really we dont understand how a mood of a person (Rick Blundell) can determined what happened without any consecuencies for they.

    We have all the emails we sent and they sent to us if every one want it.

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    I also used to have a VPS with them (a smaller, $19.95 package that they no longer sell). I was also unhappy with the service and have since moved away from them, and have found providers that I would happily recommend as alternatives (including PowerVPS and unixshell for lower-end Xen VPSes).

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    Arhhh! I almost nearly signup with them..
    I will consider

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    update of this case:

    After we confirm the cancel of our vps (the vps we have, 2 of 3, were good payed and were canceled without advise by they) they confirmed that recurring were stopped from our cc.

    this was not right. We have, days later, to do a reclaim to 2co to stop a recurring:
    A refund against the following order for Infinitum Technologios Inc. was processed.

    Order Number: 138483-R52097016
    Credit Amount: xx.xx and Infinitum Technologios Inc.

    So, guess what a administrative disaster is that company.

    Now they answer our emails.

    They said that first (for two weeks +/-) the blocked the ftp/ssh/vz acces so they supposed we "have time", but we didnt know that!, the client not use that access every day (we are resellers, so we dont have access to the Virtuozzo panel)

    Now also they are reclaming a price that is not correct. We have the emails with the prices they grant us (we were resellers for near a year!!), and the prices are sustancial less.
    Because our client didnt do a backup and they now it, the try to extorting us with that content. PLEASE WE AWARE OF THAT COMPANY. (near 3 weeks of this and we still are linked with THIS terrible company.)
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    You can complain to 2checkout and get refund.

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