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    Anything about

    Im getting mixed reviews all over the place about My experience with hosting is that if the company has toll free 24-7 support, they tend to be alot more reliable. Does anyone have some first hand feedback about them?

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    Have you tried searching here on WHT?

    Also a toll free number is good but there are reliable hosts out there without a toll free number
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    Have you tried ringing the toll free number?

    Some companies may advertise the fact they have a toll free number, but its no use if its not answered.
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    toll free

    I would agree on the toll free aspect; not having a toll free number would seem to indicate a pretty small organization. Even very small businesses have 800 numbers. I would differ on the 24/7 issue. I've had hosts with "24/7" who could not be contacted during off hours at all--either very low staffing or not manning them at all, while a compnay I use has 7 day a week support that always answers the phone during what I would consider reasonable hours (8 AM to 10 PM weekdays). The real measure is getting the support you need.

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    800 numbers add overhead, a need for additional staff, and you end up spending time on the phone with ppl who you can't understand.

    I find that tickets work MUCH smoother as you have documented history, you can make yourself more easily understood and language becomes less of a problem.

    For a large host that's fine, but for a small to medium sized one, it can be both a blessing and a curse.

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