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    Monitoring Clients Files

    Monitoring Clients' Files
    How do you recommend monitoring your clients' files to make sure they aren't hosting warez or porn? Does anyone know of a script that can be run via a cron job that will automatically check?


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    I don't know if there is an automated solution, however, it's possible to check this manually. I would recommend to list down accounts, which use much bandwidth, storage and then check them manually.
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    cron a php script--or whatever you know how to program-- that is programmed to look for large files (i.e. over 30 mb) with specific emphasis on certain formats that could indicate trouble, like .rar, .mp3, .mov etc.. I also use a "dictionary" of commercial software, so if it finds a file entitled "Adobe..." or Microsoft Office etc., it'll alert me. As you think of more rules, you'll find that you can pretty much eliminate all those who intend to violate the rules, as they'll just search for a host whose apathetic or unable to create such measures.

    You should forewarn your clients with a clause in your TOS that automated measures may be done, though you should obviously avoid giving away any rules that you may use.

    These measures are best done when offering shared hosting--where clients don't have root access. In all other cases, I wouldn't really know what to suggest.

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