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    Pointing subdomains

    I want to setup a subdomain on my site:

    However, the site content is actually stored here:

    Using cpanel, I can get the subdomain to redirect to relevant_page.php. However, I want to advertise the subdomain on Google and they do not allow a redirect.

    Is there any other technical solution to this so that when someone goes to the subdomain, they actually see what is at relevant_page.php?


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    That's going to be a touchy issue with google, it's spiders are very sensitive about these kinds of redirects and the algo that calculates your placement will see it as "black hat" seo.

    You can however accomplish this with a re-write in .htaccess, check the man page at the apache site.

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    I see that when I setup a subdomain, I get a folder named after the subdomain name. Is it possible to just have it point to the homepage of instead?

    I mean it would be nice if I could avoid having 100 empty subdomain directories if each one will always point to's home page.

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    You'll need to setup a 301 redirect - those are the kinds that are google friendly.

    To do this In the subdomain folder, create a .htaccess file with this in it.
    redirect 301 /index.php
    Then create a blank index.php page within the SUBDOMAIN root.

    I think this should work
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