GRAND OPENING. We have many special plans available as part of our grand opening. We have wide variety of plans that meets the need of every client, from a small personal website to a big enterprise. We got it all. Below is an overview of some our plans. Join us and you would never regret. Give us a chance to host your website. Thanks for reading.

~* Plan A *~

Disk Space: 1500 MB
Bandwith: 20 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 1
Monthly Price: 4.95

~* Plan B *~

Disk Space: 2500 MB
Bandwith: 40 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 1
Monthly Price: 7.95

~* Plan C *~

Disk Space: 3500 MB
Bandwith: 60 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 1
Monthly Price: 9.95

~* Plan D *~

Disk Space: 5000 MB
Bandwith: 100 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 2
Monthly Price: 12.95

~* Plan E *~

Disk Space: 8000 MB
Bandwith: 150 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 5
Monthly Price: 49.95

~* Plan F *~

Disk Space: 20000 MB
Bandwith: 200 GB
FTP: Unlimited
Domains: 10
Monthly Price: 65.55

To Sign up for the plans above, please go to Hosting
If our plans do not fit your needs please go to our main page at Main and click on Live Help at bottom and speak with one of our sales rep. Or just send an e-mail at [email protected]and put in subject Custom Plan Please! and we will create you a plan that fit your needs.

You can also get touch with me directly at our website. We have sales staff on live help that can answer all your questions.


[email protected]