Want to offer your Resellers the option of Reselling WHM in a simple and automated way?
Want to help give yourself an edge on the competition?

WHMreseller V1.2 will let you do just that. Its designed to intergrate into the WHM Control Panel (X-Skin) and will seem like part of WHM. WHMreseller enables the following:
  • Lets you (root) easily manage multiple Master Resellers
  • Lets your Master Resellers manage multiple Sub Resellers (Sub WHM Accounts)
  • Automates WHM creation, WHM suspension, WHM termination, resource updates, account migration and general management
  • Now you can let your Resellers handle their own cPanel Account Migrations
  • Operates in a fully secure environment
  • Is fully Intergrated into the WHM X-skin Control Panel
  • Automatically keeps itself up-to-date with all WHM resource usage
  • Easy to install and use
  • Free upgrades for lifetime of License
  • Only AU$49.95/y (approx US$38.60/y) per License (one License per server)

Want to learn more about this great product? Please feel free to visit our
Website: http://deasoft.com/software.php
Or email us at: [email protected]